More News on the Future of Star Wars

News for Star Wars has hit high activity the short month after the announcement of Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and the announcement of Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. The last week has been a bit slow on news, so for those who just want the gist and simplicity of what has happened after the big announcement, this is the post for you!

The cast has been one of the biggest concerns (along with the story, production…everything is  a huge concern). Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, and Mark Hamill, (or Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker) have all been in talks and interests to return for the future episodes.
There is just a few slight problems…mainly one problem. Ford, Fischer, and Hamill are all older…much older…and Disney’s plan for the next movies are only taking place a few years after Ep.VI, not decades after. So either the CGI will age these actors a couple of years younger, or new actors will be cast with resemblance to these three. Another issue is with Han Solo; initially, Ford wanted Solo to die with a dramatic twist to the story; now that he wants to return, Disney wants Solo dead. Hmm, maybe The Hutts are in control of Disney and this is their plan for revenge on Solo!? But other reports say Ford would like to return as Solo in Ep.VII to finally kill him off; little harsh huh? But other than that, it is confirmed that Lucas has met with Fischer and Hamill.
The latest, as of Nov.23, Chris Hemsworth (yes the actor for Thor) says he wants in the Star Wars films. But, saying this in an interview with MTV, it was like any other kid saying they want to be in a Star Wars movie…who knows, maybe he can be a Bane like Sith Lord with a Hammer.
Jeremy Bulloch, actor for Boba Fett, has stated in interviews he is very much interested in reprising his role as Fett, with newer technology to make the suit, more badass in latent terms, and although he noted they would want a younger actor, Bulloch says he can still jump and run around being as fit as he is.
Derek Jacobi also put in high hopes for a spot in the Films. Having parts in Gladiator, The King’s Speech, and Underworld, the aged actor could do parts as a general, senator, or aged Jedi. Hmm, hey Disney, let me get in the script ya?

Another set of rumors, plans, or whatever they are right now is the staff and production team behind the new trilogy(s) (i put the plural option b/c Disney is in talks for Ep. X, XI, XII)
The Hollywood Reporter states that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will write and/or produce at least one of the films. says Michael Arndt, writer for Toy Story 3, will write the script for Ep.VII. Then there is the director of X-Men: First Class, Matthew Vaughn, directing Ep.VII.
A bit of a surprise to the Star Wars World, Rick McCallum, (producer to the special editions, Prequel Triology, and pending producer for the Star Wars Live Action tv Series) has retired. I couldn’t be more excited for a live action tv series, something like that youtube video of The Old Republic a few Star Wars Fans in France made; incredible work, and if this were to be a full length series, it would gain mad reviews. (link to the video:

As far as the story line goes, many rumored that it would be based off of the Thrawn Series, though I have not read the books (I know Iknow hate me for it, I hate myself for it too but I promise I will get to it before 2015!) And rumors of Lucas having a separate storyline, AND now Disney confirming they will create a brand new story with Lucas’ advisement. But there are also rumors of Darth Vader being resurrected…not sure that will sit too well with the Star Wars community.

Outside of the films, there are more than 110 novels and 80 comics dedicated to the Star Wars longevity, just after Ep.VI. The Expanded Universe, or EU, has much to offer for Disney and Lucas for Ep. VII,VIII, IX. But with Disney creating a whole new story line, this leaves Star Wars fans wondering about the future of our beloved characters: What path will Luke take? Will Darth Sidious be resurrected as the novels say, or will Disney’s talk of Vader have some alternate impact? What will be of the Republic and Jedi Order? Will Leia train to be a Jedi? Will Luke and Leia have children? (and a few questions I ask) Will a new Jedi Order be established? What about those who lost their lives in Ep.III? Will Windu, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, or even Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Yoda make appearances as ones with the Force Spirits to train the new order? Too many questions, for too many different answers by Disney.
The main issues are this: Star Wars Fans have always wanted a new triology; Lucas was done with Star Wars films; Disney may ruin the story line, even with their success of Marvel’s The Avengers, there is no true fact of what will come of the new story, cast, or crew.

Guess time will tell until the next rumors and official statements!

Until then my fellow friends, May The Force Be With You; Always. 


Life Of Pi Film Review *Spoilers*

Not very many movies come with a unique aspect of the 3D experience and visual effects to enhance the setting.

Life Of Pi delivers a fantastic story adapted from the original novel, with a steady pace throughout the movie. Some may find it as a slow movie, but I enjoyed the film with the constant wondering and thought processes of both the characters and viewers of the film. There are certain films which constantly have talking and talking and more talking; either about nonsense or too much explaining. Life Of Pi does something different; it takes the time to explain and show the viewer what has happened, is happening, and going to happen. I enjoyed the scenes as well with the range of emotions and visuals provided. The opening scene was one of my favorite openings a film has or could have; clips throughout the zoo which Pi, the main character, resides by, of the different animals and creatures, from the Tigers, to Flamingos, Elephants, and other scurrying critters across the Earth. An adventure is shown through Pi’s childhood as he explains his story with an aspiring author who wishes to publish the story of Pi. His struggles with his name, choosing a religion, and tying to live a life without doubt.

Now I won’t spoil too much for any future viewers;
After the shipwreck, Pi finds himself on a struggle between life and death aboard a life raft, with a tiger named Richard Parker, hyena, zebra, and orangutan named Orange Juice. The adventure is truly full of wonder and doubt of his survival; as a viewer, it was never known what was to pop out next or surprise the setting of the story.

The majority of the story is held out at sea, with Pi eventually surviving with Richard Parker, the Tiger. Richard Parker gets hungrier and hungrier as the days go by, and constantly attacks Pi to satisfy his hunger. Fishing is practically a loss, but a find of the raft’s food supply fulfills Pi’s hunger for a while; until a whale breaches and causes the waves to capsize Pi’s raft and lose the food.Eventually a group of flying fish come by and the bigger fish chasing get caught by Pi, which he uses to somewhat train Richard Parker and show his dominance of the raft. After a near death experience, Pi washes up to a lone island full of meerkats and fresh water; which turns acid at night. Pi discovers a human tooth in a plant which he realizes is the consequence of another human lost at sea and staying on the island alone.

After more weeks lost at sea, Pi finally arrives to the shores of Mexico, where Richard Parker leaves the raft and without turning back to look at Pi, ventures into the forest. Later a group of men find Pi and take him to medical treatment where Japanese officials for the Freighter which sunk came for an investigational report. They did not believe Pi’s story about the Tiger, Zebra, and experience, so Pi changed each animal to represent different members of the embargo he was sailing with.

If you are reading this and have already seen the movie, or planning to see it, think aout this, something i have thought about still today: Why didn’t Ricard PArker look back at Pi? Pi had hoped he would look back as a final goodbye, but Richard Parker just jumped into the Forest. I was thinking because they have been through so much, looking back would be too hard even for a Tiger, starving and close to death.

The entire movie was a roller coaster ride of emotions, from fun to sadness, joy to anger life to death. The few characters were portrayed by very well playing actors, and they brought out true colors for each individual personality; the stern and adamant father; warm hearted, sincere mother; playful, risky older brother; and the curious and hopeful Pi. The animals also had their own unique personalities, the fun loving orangutan; weak zebra, wild and vicious hyena, and the fierce, sly tiger.

The visual effects were truly amazing. I would compare this film, form the visuals and story, to that similar to Avatar without the action and battle scenes, and The Adventures of Tin Tin. Both having stunning graphics, effects, and design, which was all shown here in Life of Pi. I was a bit surprised at first to the budget of $120 million, but guess todays CGI and graphic designers need the high pay to deliver a world of magic. Life of Pi truly is a magical film of self discovery, hope, fate and faith, and striving off one’s own knowledge and perseverance to survive; whether the survival is normal day to day, or a struggle between life and death. I give Life Of Pi 5/5 stars and hope many more will head out to experience this marvelous film.

The Man With The Iron Fists Film Review

I was a bit skeptical for this movie, because i was not sure how well it would turn out. I love Russel Crowe (The Gladiator is my absolute top movie with him) and a good cast of Lucy Liu, and an unknown look for RZA as the main character, and a fun sight of David Bautista as one of the villains.

The film surrounds a black smith in the Jungle Village of China. Rival clans, the Lion and Wolf clans, fight for control and the gold from the government. Gold Lion is the leader, and after betrayal, Silver Lion takes control and has the black smith make him weapons, at the same time the wolf clan does. Meanwhile, the Gemini, part of the government, protect the gold en route through the village. Russell Crowe comes in as Jack Knife, a “scret agent” of sort working for the government. The rest of the movie is fights and back stories and eventually a happy ending for the black smith, Knife, and the Jungle Village.

This film is definitely a stick to rental or television movie. The script was horrible. Like, 70’s style movie dialogue, with even worse acting. Russell Crowe, Bautista and Lucy Lui do a fantastic job as always with their acting and that was the small part of this movie which was actually good. Other than that, a few fight scenes were okay. The rest of the movie was full of terrible fighting and choreography with really bad flying wires. The story was very sloppy too, with a few confusing points, and unstable story line. And the most surprising aspect of this movie was the sex…being a rated R movie with so much blood and gore, and rap music, every explicit sex scene was fully clothed..not a single butt of nudity in this whole movie. Which is surprising because sex and violence sells, as Lucy Liu even stated in the movie. Kind of makes you wonder if all the blood was necessary? I take this point becasue when i see a rated R movie such as this, i want the whole nine yards. Dont give me all cursing language and one bloody fight scene, kind of thing.

So, i give this movie 1/5, Russell Crowe should stick with Gladiator and Lucy Liu with Charlie’s Angels. Bautista had a good movie like John Cena in 12 Rounds.

Definitely not for those taking children, and those who get grossed out easily.

Wreck It Ralph Film Review

Last night I finally had the chance to see Wreck It Ralph, a new movie from Disney. It was a huge success by having a $49 million domestic opening weekend. surprisingly, this film had a $165 million budget, pretty high for an animated movie, but once you see the flm, you will understand why it was so high.

Okay down to the review. Since this is my first film review I will tell you how they will be; first I will give details on when I saw it, box office, production company, notable members of the film etc; then go on into a background about the film and the plot, and finally my own thoughts and review.

The film starts out with a mini or short film prior to the actual screening; Paperman, follows a business man with a stack of paper work who encounters a beautiful lady at the train stop. After noticinge ach other and having the embarrassed smile looks, one of the man’s papers flies onto the woman’s face, and when he retrieves it, she notices the outline of her lips from her lipstick are printed onto his paper. A short laugh distracts the man as the woman boards a seperate train. At the man’s office, he sits and sorrows over missing the woman, and as his boss hands him another stack of paper work, he notices the woman in the building across the street. He tries to get her attention but it does not work, so one by one, the man folds the stack of papers into paper planes and tries to fly them into her window of the office. Paper plane after plan, none get her attention and she eventually leaves without realizing her “destined” man is across the street on the same floor. She leaves, and upon seeing the empty basket, the man’s boss drops off another stack, only to frustrate the man and have him run out after the woman. By the time he arrives down, she is gone, but with some Disney magic, the paper planes decide to carry him on a route back to the woman in the first spot, while the paper with the lipstick flies back to the woman and guides her to the man. After a short adventure back on their trains, the man and woman come out to see one another at the original train stop and finally have their moment together. After the film, pictures show them both on a date having a good time.

This was a fantastic short film by Disney, all in black and white, with so many emotions and fun tid bits. It is quite inspirational as well, for those guys out there who see a beautiful woman and get nervous trying to tlalk to them, but never stop looking for her. It was a great start and definitely different than Disney’s usual shorts.

Now for Wreck It Ralph. This film follows Ralph, a wrecker in the game Fix it Felix Jr. He is a bad guy who wishes and hopes to be a good guy, after 30 years of living alone in trash and the dump of his own wreckings. After a support group of bad guys, an scene of usual bad guy encounters at Game Central Station, and a heated argument back at Felix’s home for a 30th anniversary party which Ralph was uninvited to, Ralph heads out to Hero’s Duty, a shooter arcade game. His goal is to win a Gold Medal which only good guys win and make them more likeable. after a scuffle with aliens, he is thrown into Sugar Rush, a candy racing game. He has to fight but eventually work with a Glitch Racer to win back the medal, and a ruthless King call King Candy. After a deceiving tip by King Candy, Ralph wrecks Venelope’s (the glitch) race car, and upon returning to his own game, realizes all the other characters have left and Felix was captured by Candy (King Candy is revealed as Turbo, a race car driver who game jumped after becoming jealous of a new game). Ralph returns to save Venelope and Felix, along with the entire Sugar Rush game from the cybugs brought by Hero’s Duty, with the help from Calhoun, the leader of Hero’s Duty. Everyone’s game is saved and Ralph has a happy new life being a good-bad guy!

This movie has truly revolutionized the way animated movies are made, and sets a new level for Video Game movies. The animation was fantastic, with altering between separate arcade games and their respective styles. (such as 8-bit or pixels or high definition) The plot was great, dialogue and script well made, film was well produced, and characters had the perfect actors for their voices. I highly recommend it and it is great for ages 5-80! It is great for families and even with friends, a colorful Disney movie that brings everyone together.

Long Beach Comic-Con 2012 is done! Here is the overview and tips

This past weekend (November 3-4) was Long Beach Comic & Horror Con, held, well in Long Beach, California!

This was the first time attending this Con, and third Con over all (others include SDCC 2011 and WonderCon 2012) LBCC is definitely a more comic-book and home style feel compared to SDCC and of course not as huge either. LBCC can be most closely compared to WonderCon (no not because both are in Orange County or SoCal). Both are small scaled, with less Mass Media booths and vendors, and more local comic book shops, local vendors, and so on. This con is also good to go through in one day, so if you are planning on only going through the con and not any panels, a one day pass will be great; preferably Sunday as vendors are more willing to bargain and get rid of their items, or if you are willing to pay a bit more but get what you came for, go Saturday and strategize for Sunday. This trip I came out with 8 pieces of art, a collectible Action Figure, and a few comic books, along with a dozen great new connections and people I had the chance to meet.

The amazing thing about LBCC and WonderCon, because of the smaller scale and more relationship feel, making new connections and meeting new people is very easy and everyone is glad to share their stories. I had the chance to talk to a few people through Twitter, and from their meet them in person, and branch out to other people. A few I met included Captain ComicCon, creators of Human Comics, many artists, and the great people behind the buckets of the 501st Legion.

A few notable evens or points of LBCC were Laser Tag with Storm Troopers and Lord Vader himself, an evetn company for indoor Laser Tag brought in a field of inflatables, along with their laser guns, and sensor patches that are put on a player’s chest. The game is just like normal Laser Tag, without the heavy vest and gun, a simple gun with a number of lives and full auto guns! Because this was behind the 501st booth, StormTroopers, ShadowTroopers, and Lord Vader joined the fun against kids of all ages, and even a few Treckies were caught in the cross fire. At the 501st Legion booth, they had a charity event called “Shoot-A-Trooper” where for a donation, any person of any age could take aim with Nerf Guns shooting Troopers, Sith, Jedi, and Wookies! It was an amazing event letting all the kids have the time of their lives. and next to this there were a few celebrity autograph tables and photo opps, along with a life like Chewbacca with Boush Bounty Hunter who came on Sunday for photo opps by a small donation. I myself won a Star Wars Artwork of the Death Star II in a silent auction; I am very proud to donate to the 501st and glad to see the work they do putting smiles on childrens faces and giving toys to them during Christmas. I hope to join them in the next 2 years by getting my armor and becoming an official member!
Other few events included Women’s Roller Derby, a small taped off rink with no fences, and girls on roller skates falling and fighting and running into the crowd; definitely different and exciting.

I did attend just one panel during LBCC, would have been two but they were both at the same time and i wanted to go to the one I had more interest in. I did not go to “The Collection” movie panel, but did go to the 501st Legion Costuming How To’s panel. It was great as all the speakers were part of the 501st and all were wearing costumes while having other costumes they made to talk about; the presentation was very informative and everyone had a good time There were plenty of news tips and tricks that the amateur costume maker would usually not think about.

On that note, cosplayers were of course in abundance throughout the weekend. Literally everything from Pee Wee Herman, LOTR Ring Wraith, Jedi, Sith, Wookies, Clones, Giant Spiders on stilts, Power Rangers, The Avengers, and more! A few of my favorites will be posted under this! It is always great to see the costumes come out during this time, the cosplayers become some of the biggest celebrities during Cons, taking pictures with fans left to right, posing in all their character’s moves, and having  a great time.

Out of all the wonderful things about LBCC, there can’t be anything bad, right?
Wrong. The one thing I really disliked not only at this Con, but any Con, is certain Vendors. The Vendors I am not too fond of are the ones there only selling to make money, selling fake items, not bargaining with the attendees, or selling items completely unrelated to these Cons. I always encounter and did encounter during LBCC some of these; typically the asian items (Godzilla, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon) are the most faked and highly priced. Another note, many of these same sellers either fake other items and/or overprice them. I saw one booth with fake Pokemon cards (still remember the fakes from my childhood) selling fake Sideshow Iron Man statues. such a shame they try to take advantage of the attendees, and, while the Pro’s and usual collector’s know the difference, some new to the Cons fall in the traps. But what can you do?

But, on the brightest side, LBCC is very recommended by my book, and I am already looking forward to next years Con! Until then, WonderCon and SDCC 2013 are the next major Cons to go to! Long beach also has a very beautiful area around the convention center, with great hotels, lots of restaurants, out door malls and more!
driving down about 5 miles on Ocean Blvd takes you to a promenade area with bars and restaurants and stores up and down both streets, and continue to drive for the pier and ocean views! LBCC definitely has one of the best scenery spots to add!

And not to forget, here are some of the amazing people/writers/artists/groups i met throughout the weekend and will be kept up to date in all their works!

Human Comics { } follow them on twitter!
Omega 1 Comic and Motion Comics { } follow them on twitter!
Elvin Huntress { }
Department of Zombie Control { }
501st Legion follow on twitter, facebook, and their forums!
Captain Comic Con { on twitter @iconofcomiccon }
Tony Kim { follow on twitter @Crazy4ComicCon }
and of course my great new friend Tina who introduced me to some great people and new connections at LBCC!

Check out the photos, and links below!! Like and follow the pages and my blog i greatly appreciate it 🙂

News on Star Wars Ep. VII Plot

Below is the link for the latest news on what Ep. VII will cover;

I will provide a short explanation for those who wish to not read the full article…

So, Ep.VII is right now, rumored to be based off the Thrawn Trilogy which takes place several years after the Rebel Victory in Ep. VI. Luke Skywalker meets, non other, than Mara Jade,who was trained assassin to hunt Luke; but, Jade falls in love with Luke and the two marry. Meanwhile, Luke is the only Jedi to his knowledge and he is starting to rebuild the Jedi Order. Han and Leia also have their little romance, and Leia delivers Twins (coincidence?).

Through other sources at LucasFilm, the next episodes will be a completely original trilogy, one which Star Wars fans or any fan has seen before in the Star Wars universe.

Other than an official story, no director or cast has been chosen for the next series.

As for other projects, Seth Green (creator of Robot Chicken) is also releasing his new Star Wars animated series Detours, which has no release date yet. A Live Action tv series is also planned to take place between Ep. III and IV, following Luke Skywalker growing up; this seems similar to The Clone Wars in between Ep. II and III.

But for now, there is no official or set projects, plots, or release dates. One thing not to worry about is money, because Disney has a lot of it.

Only Time will tell..until that time, May the Force be with us all