MonsterPalooza 2016

The ULTIMATE monster show STOMPS in to Pasadena April 22-24, 2016

The Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, California

Complete with celebrity guests from the genre!,
Presentations all weekend long!
Eye popping exhibits through out the 85,000 square foot convention center!
Over 250 unique artists, vendors selling memorabilia and hard to find merchandise!
Experience the walk through Monsterpalooza Museum!

Special Guests
Doug Bradley – Pinhead from Hellraiser
Haruo Nakajima – Godzilla suit actor from inception to 1972
Alex Winter – Lost Boys, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
David Naughton- American Werewolf in London
Tom Savini – Master Makeup Artist, Actor and Director
Julie Adams – The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Nick Castle- Writer and Director, Original Halloween Michael Meyers
More to be announced

Official website


Tickets in advance
Friday – $30
Saturday – $30
Sunday – $30
$70 –three day

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New York Toy Fair 2015 Favorites

Well New York has once again hosted their annual Toy Fair for 2015.

There were plenty of surprises, plenty of updates or already known items, and quite a few more disappointments than I or anyone would have anticipated.

Before starting with my favorites, I will point out one of the major disappointments (especially for Star Wars collectors) with Hasbro’s announcements (or lack there-of) for The Black Series. Hasbro has been pretty shaky with their 6″ figures, sending out more repacks and delaying more figures than we anticipated. Some may point to the dock strikes at the port of Long Beach, but those have nothing to do with the “production” or “establishment” of these figures. Hasbro stated they have been thoroughly enjoying the Black Series line, and have plenty planned for the future. But collectors have been waiting for updated waves, and especially an update for C-3PO, facing the challenge of what paint or what materials to use for the figure. There were also no updated for the Luke and Wampa set, or any confirmation of further waves down the line.

Now, granted I was not capable (or quite frankly) not interested in looking into every single company and every single announcement in attendance, but now I will focus on my favorite moments and announcements from the show!

Unofrtunately due to lack of space which WordPress allows me to have, this will be the end of the post and below is a link of photos to my favorite announcements! Like my page and discuss the figures on Facebook!

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Walker Stalker Con – San Francisco 2015

Walker Stalker Con San Francisco is done!

Below I have url’s to my photo gallery and video of the Walker Stalker Cast event on Friday night!

I will include a write up/summary of the weekend’s events shortly, but for now take a look at the links provided!




Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014 is a wrap!!

Ah Stan Lee, Mr Marvel, the Generalissimo, the master of Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman, and more! He has brought his name, likeness, and, well, himself, to Los Angeles for another year of Comikaze!

Previously, I have only attended once before, in 2013, on a friday evening, and after spending about 1.5 hours in traffic, my stay lasted just about the same time as my drive time. It was not a good day and because of it, I did not have the same joy or excitement, or even the same experience as I normally would. This year however, I planned accordingly and, not attending friday, left early on Saturday and Sunday to get to the show when the doors open and have time to do what I actually wanted!

Comikaze is held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, right next to the Staples Center and NOKIA theatre; it is a very large center, but slightly smaller than the Anaheim Convention center (which houses WonderCon) at 1.1 million square feet, while the LA Convention Center is over 700,000 square feet. But similar to Anaheim and San Diego, there is a space outside the main entrances of LACC to host food trucks, outdoor hang-out spots, and a place to roam; but it is right on major streets and parking lots across the way run $10 in the morning, shooting up to $35, and fluctuate between $15-25 throughout the rest of the day; you can park in the center as well for $20 flat rate.

LACC is spatious enough for the convention, and Comikaze does a great job at actually giving space for the exhibit floor; I unfortunately did not have the chance to view any panels this year, so I can not and will not comment on those rooms. However, the layout of the exhibits, artists alley, main stage, and the rest is fairly eel organized. One improvement I would like to see is possible keeping Artist Alley to one side, as the main stage in the center-back splits the convention into two sides. The main-stage, as I keep mentioning, is also a little something different than the usual Comic-Con. This is where big name panels, mini-concerts, and other events take place; Stan Lee makes appearances multiple times here, as well as guests such as Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, Duff Goldman, John Romita Jr., Game of Thrones cast and crew, and more. Personally, I see it with pros and cons. The pros is that, it is different and unique to Comikaze, it allows for almost a Hall-H impersonation with the big name panels, you do not have to wait in a crazy line, and if you are in line for something else with a good viewpoint, you can catch the event too. The cons are the setting/placement of the stage, being so close to the exhibit hall, sometimes the crowd fills into the booths and exhibits, causing traffic, or if you get there just too late, you can not really see much. Also when a band is playing, the music echoes from wall to wall and is actually more annoying than fun.

Giving a run down of my days, I arrived around 8:00 am Saturday, received my badge and entered the lines just inside the Convention hall, but right off the exhibit floor by roped barricades. I was expecting a smooth flow into the convention with the line, but after a 10 second countdown, all the barricades were pushed down and the mob just rushed in. Not sure if that was the plan but hopefully no one got hurt! I rushed over to Stan Lee’s booth first to get an autograph ticket, ($60 for autographs) then ran to Top Cow to snag a sketch ticket for Marc Silvestri, but of course, yet again, for the fourth Con in a row, I was too late!
Next con Mr Silvestri is attending, his booth will be my first destination, no matter the lineup! It has always been a wish to get a fantastic sketch by him, and one day it WILL happen!! So, after that let down, I merged back over to the other side and hopped in line for J Scott Campbell. I brought along Amazing Spiderman #1 2014 Campbell variant to get signed by him and Stan, and I did! After a 3 hour wait for Campbell (rumors said he would arrive at 10:30, we did not see him until 12:00) then 2 hours for Stan, it was a day of lines! While waiting for Campbell, I noticed Rob Liefeld had set up a “12:30 signing” poster, and a line began to form; I made some friends and hopped back and forth, eventually getting to Campbell first. LUCKILY because I was getting my comics CGC’d today, the CGC witness brought me right over to Liefeld to beat the line! He is a great guy, brings his kids to the show, and I had Deadpool’s Art of War #1 variant as well as Death of Wolverine #1 Variant with Deadpool signed! After this I did a short roam of the floor, grabbed lunch at a hot dog cart outside, then returned for Stan Lee’s signing at 3:00; another 1.5 hours of that line before getting AMS #1 signed and sent to CGC! Lastly for my signings, I headed over to LenWein as well to get the Death of Wolverine #1 variant as well as Death of Wolverine #4 signed and CGC! (#4 is my favorite cover of the four issues, so I wanted to get it nice and cozy in a case!)
Once all my signings were completed, it came around 4:30 and I spent the next few hours roaming the floor, visiting friends, and picking up an awesome Godzilla vs Pacific Rim Jaegers print titled “The King Has Arrived” [picture below in gallery] by Michael Matsumoto. Eventually the day came to an end and I headed out by 7:00pm.

Sunday was a little more relaxing day; I had the pleasure to bring my girlfriend this day and we arrived around 10:15, to a somewhat slower day than Saturday. There was still a good crowd but definitely more space to walk the exhibit floor. I did not pick up anything this show, (other than the print) due to the unexpected CGC pricing! Nothing to complain, just my mistake in pricing and understanding.

Overall, Comikaze is slowly but surely growing into a great show. For the most part, everything runs smooth, efficient, and things are well organized. What seemed to be the ‘unorganized’ aspect would be schedules of guests, some giving no updates or no continuous updates to their arrivals. But, other than that, everything was great!


Click Here to see the photos from Comikaze 2014


Gentle Giant SDCC 2013 Exclusive Deluxe Boba Fett Mini Bust

Check out my video review of the SDCC 2013 Boba Fett mini bust by Gentle Giant!

Check out the photo gallery below!!

Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunter has developed an unbelievable cult following over the years since the release of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s only proper that we honor this iconic character with a bust befitting his status. Crafted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., this bust redefines the term “Deluxe.” Packaged in a gorgeous tin emblazoned with the insignia of the feared Mandalorian Mercenaries, our Deluxe Boba Fett Mini Bust features multiple interchangeable arms, allowing collectors a wide range of dynamic poses. This limited edition bust will be available only at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Each bust is hand-painted and individually numbered, and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity.

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LBCC 2014 is a wrap!

Another con, another year, and another weekend which Long Beach has become a growing center for Con goers and comic book lovers.

This is the fourth year , (if I remember correctly) returning to Long Beach Comic-Con (LBCC), and another year of fantastic fun! This year did see a few changes, but nothing too dramatic, nor anything to sway you away from attending the show next year!

LBCC has been constantly growing over the years, with last year’s 5th Anniversary Show being one of the biggest to date! It almost feels like a mini-WonderCon – less crowded, but still full of fans, collectors, readers, vendors, artists, writers, special guests, cosplayers, panels, and more!

To start with the few ‘negatives’ of this year, there were no movie cars outside the convention center! Unless they were on display for Saturday (I only attended Sunday) usually the movie cars are available both days. Made the outdoor patio seem a bit empty. Another downfall (not the fault of LBCC, just a resulting issue) were the absence/unknowing-arrival of guests. Certain artists and writers would just have signs on their tables stating “so and so will not be here today” or just an empty table . . . also some guests I could not find at all, with no table numbers or notice of their “spot” in the program online.

NONETHELESS, LBCC 2014 had some fantastic pros and bright sides! For one, the new “signing area” implemented in the back right corner of the center; though a little less traveled, it is a great new feature to the show to highlight special guests for their own signing times and areas.
Another great thing is the space . . . LBCC doesn’t try to pack as many vendors and tables and areas into the already smaller convention area. They space out the setting, allow for free room to move around, and plenty of air circulation! (that doesn’t mean you should forget the deodorant!) Also, the special guests, writers, artists, and freelance artists also appearing had some pretty impressive displays! I encountered numerous artists (unfortunately typing this away from home, so I do not have their business cards to add) who had amazing work on Pacific Rim and Godzilla mashups, Star Wars, Minions, and more!

And of course, you can not forget the cosplayers! Smile X Villain Co, Trinity All Stars, Lonstermash, Mini Boba Fett, and more of the usual fan friendly and cosplay loving groups! (Photos are included below!)

There we have it folks! LBCC 2014 is a wrap, and next is already set for September 12 and 13, 2015!

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LBCC Photo Gallery:

Long Beach Comic-Con 2014 September 27-28!

For those in California, coming up in a few weeks is Long Beach Comic Con!!
This small convention has grown and grown over the years to become the next best Convention in Southern California!
[Without the crowds of SDCC or WonderCon ;)]

LBCC takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center on September 27 & 28, with weekend passes still available for $45! Single Day Passes are also available, $30 Saturday, $20 Sunday, as well as a few
VIP packages!

Special Guests this year include Tone rodriguez, Brian Buccellato, Bernard Chang, Amanda Conner, Kyle Higgins, Tom Hodges, Scott Koblish, Mike Mignola, Todd Nauck, Jimmy Palmiotti, Marc Silvestri, as well as a whole lot more of amazing exhibitors including CGC, Aspen Comics, Eat Geek Play, Tee No Evil, Top Cow, Phat Collectibles, and many many more!
And don’t forget all the cosplayers! Be sure to bring a camera or two, your cellular device equipped with a camera, and snap away!

Come on down, enjoy the beach weather, enjoy some comics, make new friends, and have fun!

Below are links to previous LBCC and LBCE coverages!