The Man With The Iron Fists Film Review

I was a bit skeptical for this movie, because i was not sure how well it would turn out. I love Russel Crowe (The Gladiator is my absolute top movie with him) and a good cast of Lucy Liu, and an unknown look for RZA as the main character, and a fun sight of David Bautista as one of the villains.

The film surrounds a black smith in the Jungle Village of China. Rival clans, the Lion and Wolf clans, fight for control and the gold from the government. Gold Lion is the leader, and after betrayal, Silver Lion takes control and has the black smith make him weapons, at the same time the wolf clan does. Meanwhile, the Gemini, part of the government, protect the gold en route through the village. Russell Crowe comes in as Jack Knife, a “scret agent” of sort working for the government. The rest of the movie is fights and back stories and eventually a happy ending for the black smith, Knife, and the Jungle Village.

This film is definitely a stick to rental or television movie. The script was horrible. Like, 70’s style movie dialogue, with even worse acting. Russell Crowe, Bautista and Lucy Lui do a fantastic job as always with their acting and that was the small part of this movie which was actually good. Other than that, a few fight scenes were okay. The rest of the movie was full of terrible fighting and choreography with really bad flying wires. The story was very sloppy too, with a few confusing points, and unstable story line. And the most surprising aspect of this movie was the sex…being a rated R movie with so much blood and gore, and rap music, every explicit sex scene was fully clothed..not a single butt of nudity in this whole movie. Which is surprising because sex and violence sells, as Lucy Liu even stated in the movie. Kind of makes you wonder if all the blood was necessary? I take this point becasue when i see a rated R movie such as this, i want the whole nine yards. Dont give me all cursing language and one bloody fight scene, kind of thing.

So, i give this movie 1/5, Russell Crowe should stick with Gladiator and Lucy Liu with Charlie’s Angels. Bautista had a good movie like John Cena in 12 Rounds.

Definitely not for those taking children, and those who get grossed out easily.

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