News on Star Wars Ep. VII Plot

Below is the link for the latest news on what Ep. VII will cover;

I will provide a short explanation for those who wish to not read the full article…

So, Ep.VII is right now, rumored to be based off the Thrawn Trilogy which takes place several years after the Rebel Victory in Ep. VI. Luke Skywalker meets, non other, than Mara Jade,who was trained assassin to hunt Luke; but, Jade falls in love with Luke and the two marry. Meanwhile, Luke is the only Jedi to his knowledge and he is starting to rebuild the Jedi Order. Han and Leia also have their little romance, and Leia delivers Twins (coincidence?).

Through other sources at LucasFilm, the next episodes will be a completely original trilogy, one which Star Wars fans or any fan has seen before in the Star Wars universe.

Other than an official story, no director or cast has been chosen for the next series.

As for other projects, Seth Green (creator of Robot Chicken) is also releasing his new Star Wars animated series Detours, which has no release date yet. A Live Action tv series is also planned to take place between Ep. III and IV, following Luke Skywalker growing up; this seems similar to The Clone Wars in between Ep. II and III.

But for now, there is no official or set projects, plots, or release dates. One thing not to worry about is money, because Disney has a lot of it.

Only Time will tell..until that time, May the Force be with us all

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