The Walking Dead Comes to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios – Hollywood has just announced a year-round attraction for one of the hottest television shows by AMC: The Walking Dead!
Check out the press release and video below!



Universal City, California, March 14, 2016 – Universal Studios Hollywood brings the most popular show in cable television history to life in Summer 2016 when AMC’s Golden Globe award-nominated television series, “The Walking Dead,” sets up permanent residency at The Entertainment Capital of L.A. in an all-new immersive, cutting-edge attraction.

Universal Studios Hollywood has worked collaboratively with AMC’s “The Walking Dead” for years as a signature “Halloween Horror Nights” maze.  This newly enhanced venture will take the highly sought-after experience from a seasonal, limited time offering to an authentic 365 day opportunity, raising the bar for themed walk-through attractions. For a look at what to expect when the attraction opens this summer, please click here.

To further elevate the authenticity of this new attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood is partnering with “The Walking Dead’s” creative team, including visionary executive producer and director, Greg Nicotero and his special effects company, KNB Efx. Greg’s team, responsible for masterfully creating the show’s realistic decaying walkers, will construct prosthetics, utilize original molds and painstakingly apply paint and detailing to the attraction walkers.  The integral involvement of the creative team will not only inspire the emotional connection fans experience, it will be among the attraction’s key distinguishing characteristics that will define it as a living version of the show.

“The Walking Dead” attraction will create a no-holds-barred experience that significantly intensifies any other iteration previously developed within the theme park. Coupled with authentic walker make-up effects, sophisticated animatronic walkers, substantially more detailed set design and costuming, and highly recognizable props replicated from the series, the attraction will deliver an uncompromised realistic environment that brings guests even further into the most watched show in cable television history.

“’The Walking Dead’ is a phenomenon that has successfully and consistently affected the psyche of viewers on a global basis, since its debut,” said Larry Kurzweil, President of Universal Studios Hollywood.  “We’re taking its intensity to the next level by collaborating with the show’s award-winning production team to create an authentic living representation of the series that can only be experienced at Universal Studios Hollywood.”

“We’re so grateful for our longstanding partnership with the talented team at Universal Studios Hollywood.  We’ve shared a successful three-year partnership at Halloween Horror Nights and now this permanent ‘The Walking Dead’ walk- through attraction takes the relationship and the fan experience to the next level,” said Charlie Collier, President of AMC and SundanceTV.  “Along with our great partners at Universal, it means a great deal to us to continue entertaining — and frightening — passionate, loyal fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ for years to come.”

The “The Walking Dead” attraction will be located within an entirely new, custom built structure, situated within an expansive building complex just inside the theme park’s main entry.

The past five years have been a remarkable time for Universal Studios Hollywood as the destination embarked on an unprecedented revitalization that has substantially altered over 75 percent of its familiar footprint to effectively characterize it as an entirely new theme park experience. The introduction of the all-new “The Walking Dead” attraction continues the theme park’s unparalleled investment in an ambitious epic transformation.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” depicts the story of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of terrifying flesh-eating walkers. It is the #1 show on television among adults 18-49 for the last four years and in its sixth season, the most highly-rated show in cable television history.



Universal Studios Hollywood – Halloween Horror Nights 2015

For the Southern California residents and visitors, Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood​ starts TONIGHT at Universal Studios Hollywood​!! Check out all their amazing offering’s for this year’s event! Stay tuned for videos from Universal throughout the day!

From Universal Studios:

Tickets to this year’s event are available for purchase at, including a “Killer Deal Nights” ticket option with discounts of up to $25 on select dates as well as a Front of Line ticket option which enables guests to enjoy priority access to each “Halloween Horror Nights” maze, “Terror Tram,” Jabbawockeez show and theme park attractions. Advance purchase is recommended as event nights will sell out.

“Halloween Horror Nights” brings together the sickest minds in horror to immerse guests in a living, breathing, three-dimensional world of terror inspired by TV and film’s most compelling horror properties. This year’s line-up includes:

· “Guillermo del Toro Presents Crimson Peak: Maze of Madness” is inspired by the visionary filmmaker who directed, co-wrote and produced the upcoming October 16 Legendary and Universal Pictures feature film. The three-dimensional living replica of the film is designed to send guests spiraling through the chilling world and into the footsteps of Crimson Peak’s lead character, Edith Cushing, first as they venture from her home in America, then to the decaying and haunted Allerdale Hall mansion in a remote English countryside. With a foreboding “Beware of Crimson Peak” message that echos from Edith’s past, guests will navigate a labyrinth of paranormal tortured souls who have born witness to the estate’s dark history of unspeakable acts…and who continue to reside in vengeful, ghostly forms.

· “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far,” inspired by season 5 of AMC’s critically-acclaimed, Emmy Award®-winning television series, this all-new maze will feature twice as many walkers in the longest and most gruesome maze ever built at Universal Studios Hollywood. Following in the footsteps of “The Walking Dead” cast, guests will begin their journey at the Terminus safe-haven compound, where an unspeakable hunger has consumed the demented souls of those dwelling within. As the chaos ensues, guests will encounter even greater atrocities as they stumble upon dismembered “W” walkers, witness the horror of victims besieged by the living dead, and step onto the loading dock of the Del Arno Food warehouse to face hordes of “W” walkers.
· The hilarity of this genre-defying blockbuster movie, This is the End, will take a dark turn in this all-new maze experience, “This is the End 3D,” that will come to life in hypnotic 3D. The end of the world will begin as guests head to the ultimate A-list party at James Franco’s new Hollywood Hills home before the Apocalypse strikes, and they find themselves trapped in a life-or-death struggle against the demons of the underworld. With the fate of humanity at the crossroads of heaven and hell, “This is the End 3D” will offer defining moments for those guests brave enough to tempt the devil as their destiny hangs in the balance to be damned for eternity or raptured to heaven engulfed in a sea of blue light.

· Halloween, hailed as one of the greatest horror films of all time and starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her acting debut, will come to life in the demented new experience, “Halloween: Michael Myers Comes Home.” The haunted maze will take guests through the tormented town of Haddonfield, where on one fateful Halloween night in 1963, a six-year-old child by the name of Michael Myers inexplicably and brutally stabbed his sister to death with a kitchen knife. Guests will relive the terror that a maniacal Michael Myers inflicted upon the once quiet town after his escape from a psychiatric hospital to take bloody revenge on new and unsuspecting victims.

· The visually stunning, yet terrifying “AVP: Alien vs. Predator” maze is back by popular demand to entangle guests in the middle of an epic and primal war between the universe’s most deadly species in a horrifying haunted attraction inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox cult sci-fi franchise. This menacing maze will bring to life the violent creatures cohabitating our world as it pits two rival alien species in a fight to the death with Earth as their battleground. “AVP: Alien vs Predator” will uncover a dangerous alien spaceship carrying a race of hunter aliens known as Predators and a threatening new alien life form that uses human hosts to propagate its species. After crash landing in a remote section of America and escaping to the countryside, the Alien and Predator become hunter and prey with guests caught in the crossfire.

· The all-new “Terror Tram: Survive the Purge” experience, inspired by Universal Pictures’ blockbuster film series, invites guests to a disturbing “Purge Party,” luring them with exclusive access to the world-famous backlot and thrusting them into the film’s depraved world in which all crime is declared legal as part of the government’s annually sanctioned 12-hour Purge, and where citizens take to the streets to dispose of the country’s less desirable humans without fear of retribution. Recognizing that not all citizens choose to hunt during The Purge, the newly endorsed “Purge Party” welcomes guests to honor this proud national tradition by watching the night’s dramatic events unfold on large video screens set up around the famed Universal backlot – until the experience quickly turns into an unforgettable living nightmare.

Scare Zones:
· “The Purge: Urban Nightmare,” inspired by Universal Pictures’ disturbing blockbuster films, will greet guests with pure unadulterated fear, bringing to life the turmoil and pandemonium that awaits those vulnerable to masked vigilantes in search of new victims during the government’s annually sanctioned killing spree.
· “Corpz” features an army of decaying World War I soldiers known as “The Lost Generation,” who have risen from their dank, muddy graves to haunt the streets of old Paris.
· Krampus, the demonic Christmas Devil, returns in “Dark Christmas,” a Pagan-themed scare zone where demonic creatures hunt disobedient children and drag them to hell.

And plenty MORE!

Walker Stalker Con – San Francisco 2015

Walker Stalker Con San Francisco is done!

Below I have url’s to my photo gallery and video of the Walker Stalker Cast event on Friday night!

I will include a write up/summary of the weekend’s events shortly, but for now take a look at the links provided!




Gentle Giant The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Mini Bust

Gentle Giant’s latest release from their The Walking Dead line brings us Daryl Dixon! Full Video and Image gallery below! Be sure to like, subscribe, and follow my pages for more reviews!   and visit these retailers for your collecting needs!

Gentle Giant The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Mini-Bust Review

Another piece from Gentle Giant that arrived a few days after my Avengers Iron Man mini-bust was the Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead mini-bust!! WOW!! What an incredible run by Gentle Giant, every last piece I have received have had such incredible detail, design, and dastardly good shelf-poses! (From Gentle Giant’s website) “Imagine waking up one day and discovering that you’d missed the Apocalypse. That’s what happened to Rick Grimes. Once a Sheriff’s Department Deputy, he fell into a coma after being wounded in the line of duty. Upon waking up, he finds his town in ruins,  his family missing and the dead walking the Earth. Determined to survive, Rick must adapt to the new world around him. Difficult challenges face  him and his band of refugees as they struggle against impossible odds for their lives…and their humanity.” Gentle Giant also states the utterly correct phrase “boast(ing) an exact likeness of actor Andrew Lincoln in his Sheriff’s uniform as he appears in the pilot (episode)”. The absolute amazing detail and design put into this work is incredible. From his equipment belt featuring his walkie-talkie, and holsters for magazines, to the Sheriff badges and patches on his uniform, (which include his name and department), the revolver in hand with the likeness from the show, even his beard as Rick wakes up to in the pilot episode; the shadow and his expression showing the fear and skepticism when he first steps into the world of the Walkers. The Gentle Giant exclusive direct version also comes with his hat! The hat is removable and includes his Sheriff logo, as well as the screen-design of the shape and features. Roughly 6.5″ tall, this piece exaggerates more space with his right arm extended out, holding the revolver, aiming at a possible Walker or troublesome living; while his left arm hangs from the other side, fingers in the rolling position anticipating the next gun shot! For any fan of The Walking Dead, the Rick Grimes mini-bust must be added! Put him up read to fend off incoming Walkers, and soon you can purchase Daryl to be ready by his side! (I apologize in advance for the poor quality photos, I had to use my Iphone5 instead of my DSLR)

The Walking Dead: Analyzing the best show on television

The Walking Dead has captivated viewers from the very beginning with its unique and eccentric story line, jaw dropping visual effects, and characters so diverse with so many hidden secrets, it is quite difficult to not like TWD even if you hate Zombies.
The Walking Dead brings out so much about life after a Zombie Apocalypse, and thanks to the creators of the comic series and AMC, we now have this story in the middle of the third season, waiting for the second part to begin in February!
This post will start off with a “review” of how The Walking Dead has evolved and caught the attention of so many, and a second post will be based on Season 3 and what to expect.

But what truly makes this show so popular and so addicting? I can tell you, not very many television series’ have caught my attention like TWD has. (just a note, a few shows I have always and will continue to enjoy are LOST, The Simpson’s, Malcolm in the Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and a few reality shows; so my genres vary widely)
The only other show I can think of which I have watched before that closely relates to TWD, would be LOST, another captivating show with twists and turns and hidden gems throughout each season that kept me at the edge of my couch cushion.
TWD has three aspects that have made it grow so much and gain so much popularity: the storyline, the characters, and the visual effects, makeup artistry, & settings. These three are, from my point of view, what makes TWD the best television series out and the best we have had since LOST. 

First off, the story line; now, I have never read the comic series or graphic novels, so the only accuracy I am aware of between the show and comics is from friends who have read and seen both. So from that, I will not compare the story from the comics to the story of the show; but, I will have my own inferences based on the story of the show only.
The series has a story unlike any thing else I have seen; With the episodes starting with either flashbacks, introducing new characters, continuing from the previous episode, or giving foreshadowing secrets and hints of what is to come. Then the intro and the episode is on! The scenes before the intro are something never to miss! They set off the mood and expectations or hopes for the rest of the episode, but they also offer something that will become unexpected later on in the episode or in the rest of the season. The creators and writers have done a fantastic job at this, creating somewhat of two parts to the introduction, one with those mentioned a few lines earlier, and then the cast and crew, music, scenes etc.
The overall story is also fantastic, again an amazing job by the multiple writers this series has had; other television shows with multiple writers lose track of what the story is about, or try to add in their own twists or plots that end up ruining that episode, and eventually creating a domino effect for the rest of the season. But with TWD, all the writers have done their research, and understand not only what we the viewers want out of it, but what is in the best interest for the producers and cast portraying the characters.
The main story line has myself,(and I am sure others too) in an “awe” when each segment returns from commercial break; one moment there is family and friends in turmoil, the next they make up and love one another; then Walkers could come and bite someone in the group, another person gives birth, a jealousy and revenge plan turns the tables and kills a best friend, someone loses their leg, and so much much more that it is too much to explain here! Just go watch the show!
But honestly, The Walking Dead has continued to throw out practically every emotional and psychological aspect of life itself in front of viewers that you sit back and think “Wow, who would I turn out to be like in a zombie Apocalypse?” As I am a College student taking Psychology courses, a lot of what is happening in the show can relate to what I have learned and discussed in class; I even made my last Analysis Paper on TWD and it just so happens my professor loves that show and I was able to pinpoint every aspect of our course into the series!
There is love, hate, anger, jealousy, romance, loss, lust, grief, pain, hunger, death, life;
mind games, perversion, controlling, hopelessness, depression, positive reinforcement, violence, revenge, education, survival of the fittest, adaptation, a changing environment, maturity, degradation, and again, so much more that can be said or written about The Walking Dead, because it is a show about LIFE. What would truly happen of LIFE if family was lost to a Zombie Disease, Friends fight you for food and warmth, strangers become egocentric and lose all sense of humanity? The Walking Dead offers this type of story line that could never all fit into a movie, and enhanced by real people playing the characters with emotions and senses and bodies; bodies, life, and your mind. TWD simply and surely offers an amazing and outright breathtaking script.

Now going along with the story, the show would need actors and people to portray those characters with the emotions that can actually be taken seriously and sometimes think this is happening right now right outside your door step. There really is a Walker scratching at your door, another breaking through the glass; a town run by a man with an unknown name, killing innocent and turning around to his people as if the murdered were the issue; there really is Rick Grimes searching for hope and security, with his wife lost, his growing son, and newborn daughter.
Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes with such heart and emotion, that I see very, very few others who could have played him. Along with that note, I am happy to see upcoming and new actors with such roles to reprise themselves in such an environment, I don’t believe many big name actors in Hollywood could be.
Andrew Lincoln has done some great work creating his “Rick-tatorship” as leader of the group, from stumbling out of a coma, from the hospital into the streets of dead and undead bodies, to finding his family, fighting for and against his friends; yet he feels he never does enough, but some of us see him being the true hero of the group; coming from his background, and almost immediately after realizing what the world has turned to, he takes charge; But Lincoln is not the one doing all this; Rick Grimes is, yet Lincoln has done such a fantastic job, it is hard to see Andrew Lincoln as “Andrew Lincoln” and not “Rick Grimes”.
Jon Bernthal has that well built, rugged look, which comes in handy when we discover Shane has been sleeping with Lori and becomes jealous of Rick, seeking to kill him and get rid of him; Bernthal does a good job at his anger and jealousy towards Rick, and has his own moments of becoming a horrid Walker. Sarah Callies as Lori shows the “ass kicking” mother with an affection of unconditional mother love, but kicks in the Walker butt kicking when she needs to!
Steven Yeun was a great choice for Glenn, the young kid who first is afraid and ultimately gets thrown into every “mission” yet eventually falls for the Farmer’s Daughter (literally) and finds someone to love and care for. Carl Grimes is played by Chandler Riggs, and for being only 13 years old, he has done a job not many young actors have been able to accomplish; Riggs has shown his childish and immature side in the first season, being naive and trying to act like Shane or Rick; but then his father comes in and he has to grow faster than young kids would in a normal life; he has to mature, learn how to use a gun, and learn the strategies of killing Walkers and staying in formations. Riggs accomplishes this in a short turn around from a fun kid, to a serious and mature growing teen after the loss of Sophia and his dad’s philosophy.
These and more characters including Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon)
Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) Danai Gurira (Michonne) and Michael Rooker & David Morissey (Merle and The Governor) they all have the look and heart to play difficult characters yet never cease to amaze at the emotional and soulful characterization.

And lastly, the final reason why The Walking Dead is the best series on television;
The prosthetics, makeup, visual effects, sett designs, all things to do with what we see throughout the show.
Sure there are plenty of zombie movies with okay make up and fake limbs, falling guts, losing jaws and eyeballs, but TWD takes it to an entirely new level. With makeup from head to toe, some other movies have even failed at simple tasks when TWD never misses an inch. To compare, I am bringing in Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace. Before you hound me either of your Star Wars fandom or hate for Episode I, i’ll make this point: I am a HUGE Star Wars fan and yes, Episode I was not THAT great, but here is what I am getting at: a few scenes, such as the one after or during the Pod Races, almost every alien and creature has a mask or some kind of head gear and clothes, right? Well, if you did not notice something that stands out quite a bit, every persons’ hands are. . . human hands, there are no makeup, paint, gloves, nada nothing on the hands, yet each person has a different mask. Sorry to LucasFilm to rag on them, but hey, the small things count and in the Walking Dead, not a minor inch is missed. The skin so dead, gray, pale, no life whatsoever in the Walkers. The intestines spilling out, blood squirting on the faces, jaws falling apart, bones cracking through the skin, and none ceases to amaze the gore and gruesome factors I love about these these types of shows. Even in a recent interview with Andrew Lincoln, he states how he loves being covered in dirt, grimy water, dirty and torn clothes, and when he walks into Woodbury, he actually hates the set because it is so clean; unlike his group has been. It is these simple things that make a show so fascinating!
Even the set designs make you want to go there, live in those scenarios, feel what they feel; the hospital grounds with bodies and tanks left everywhere; the CDC with a senile researcher; the prison grounds with fences and reinforcement on all sides, except for one side left untravelled and blown out walls; then there is Woodbury, a “hope” for those living there, but a threat and horror for outsiders.

I hope all you Walking Dead fans have enjoyed this post; it is probably my most extensive post so far, and for those already or new to my blog, you can see how “new” it is.
The Walking Dead will not be fading away or dying down anytime soon at all. With part 2 of Season 3 quickly approaching in February 2013, there is much to discuss and reminisce until then. On New Years Eve and Day, AMC will have a marathon of seasons 1+2+3.5 for your viewing pleasures! Look out for my next post, possibly two about The Walking Dead for news, reviews, and more!