Life Of Pi Film Review *Spoilers*

Not very many movies come with a unique aspect of the 3D experience and visual effects to enhance the setting.

Life Of Pi delivers a fantastic story adapted from the original novel, with a steady pace throughout the movie. Some may find it as a slow movie, but I enjoyed the film with the constant wondering and thought processes of both the characters and viewers of the film. There are certain films which constantly have talking and talking and more talking; either about nonsense or too much explaining. Life Of Pi does something different; it takes the time to explain and show the viewer what has happened, is happening, and going to happen. I enjoyed the scenes as well with the range of emotions and visuals provided. The opening scene was one of my favorite openings a film has or could have; clips throughout the zoo which Pi, the main character, resides by, of the different animals and creatures, from the Tigers, to Flamingos, Elephants, and other scurrying critters across the Earth. An adventure is shown through Pi’s childhood as he explains his story with an aspiring author who wishes to publish the story of Pi. His struggles with his name, choosing a religion, and tying to live a life without doubt.

Now I won’t spoil too much for any future viewers;
After the shipwreck, Pi finds himself on a struggle between life and death aboard a life raft, with a tiger named Richard Parker, hyena, zebra, and orangutan named Orange Juice. The adventure is truly full of wonder and doubt of his survival; as a viewer, it was never known what was to pop out next or surprise the setting of the story.

The majority of the story is held out at sea, with Pi eventually surviving with Richard Parker, the Tiger. Richard Parker gets hungrier and hungrier as the days go by, and constantly attacks Pi to satisfy his hunger. Fishing is practically a loss, but a find of the raft’s food supply fulfills Pi’s hunger for a while; until a whale breaches and causes the waves to capsize Pi’s raft and lose the food.Eventually a group of flying fish come by and the bigger fish chasing get caught by Pi, which he uses to somewhat train Richard Parker and show his dominance of the raft. After a near death experience, Pi washes up to a lone island full of meerkats and fresh water; which turns acid at night. Pi discovers a human tooth in a plant which he realizes is the consequence of another human lost at sea and staying on the island alone.

After more weeks lost at sea, Pi finally arrives to the shores of Mexico, where Richard Parker leaves the raft and without turning back to look at Pi, ventures into the forest. Later a group of men find Pi and take him to medical treatment where Japanese officials for the Freighter which sunk came for an investigational report. They did not believe Pi’s story about the Tiger, Zebra, and experience, so Pi changed each animal to represent different members of the embargo he was sailing with.

If you are reading this and have already seen the movie, or planning to see it, think aout this, something i have thought about still today: Why didn’t Ricard PArker look back at Pi? Pi had hoped he would look back as a final goodbye, but Richard Parker just jumped into the Forest. I was thinking because they have been through so much, looking back would be too hard even for a Tiger, starving and close to death.

The entire movie was a roller coaster ride of emotions, from fun to sadness, joy to anger life to death. The few characters were portrayed by very well playing actors, and they brought out true colors for each individual personality; the stern and adamant father; warm hearted, sincere mother; playful, risky older brother; and the curious and hopeful Pi. The animals also had their own unique personalities, the fun loving orangutan; weak zebra, wild and vicious hyena, and the fierce, sly tiger.

The visual effects were truly amazing. I would compare this film, form the visuals and story, to that similar to Avatar without the action and battle scenes, and The Adventures of Tin Tin. Both having stunning graphics, effects, and design, which was all shown here in Life of Pi. I was a bit surprised at first to the budget of $120 million, but guess todays CGI and graphic designers need the high pay to deliver a world of magic. Life of Pi truly is a magical film of self discovery, hope, fate and faith, and striving off one’s own knowledge and perseverance to survive; whether the survival is normal day to day, or a struggle between life and death. I give Life Of Pi 5/5 stars and hope many more will head out to experience this marvelous film.

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