More News on the Future of Star Wars

News for Star Wars has hit high activity the short month after the announcement of Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilm and the announcement of Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. The last week has been a bit slow on news, so for those who just want the gist and simplicity of what has happened after the big announcement, this is the post for you!

The cast has been one of the biggest concerns (along with the story, production…everything is  a huge concern). Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, and Mark Hamill, (or Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker) have all been in talks and interests to return for the future episodes.
There is just a few slight problems…mainly one problem. Ford, Fischer, and Hamill are all older…much older…and Disney’s plan for the next movies are only taking place a few years after Ep.VI, not decades after. So either the CGI will age these actors a couple of years younger, or new actors will be cast with resemblance to these three. Another issue is with Han Solo; initially, Ford wanted Solo to die with a dramatic twist to the story; now that he wants to return, Disney wants Solo dead. Hmm, maybe The Hutts are in control of Disney and this is their plan for revenge on Solo!? But other reports say Ford would like to return as Solo in Ep.VII to finally kill him off; little harsh huh? But other than that, it is confirmed that Lucas has met with Fischer and Hamill.
The latest, as of Nov.23, Chris Hemsworth (yes the actor for Thor) says he wants in the Star Wars films. But, saying this in an interview with MTV, it was like any other kid saying they want to be in a Star Wars movie…who knows, maybe he can be a Bane like Sith Lord with a Hammer.
Jeremy Bulloch, actor for Boba Fett, has stated in interviews he is very much interested in reprising his role as Fett, with newer technology to make the suit, more badass in latent terms, and although he noted they would want a younger actor, Bulloch says he can still jump and run around being as fit as he is.
Derek Jacobi also put in high hopes for a spot in the Films. Having parts in Gladiator, The King’s Speech, and Underworld, the aged actor could do parts as a general, senator, or aged Jedi. Hmm, hey Disney, let me get in the script ya?

Another set of rumors, plans, or whatever they are right now is the staff and production team behind the new trilogy(s) (i put the plural option b/c Disney is in talks for Ep. X, XI, XII)
The Hollywood Reporter states that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg will write and/or produce at least one of the films. says Michael Arndt, writer for Toy Story 3, will write the script for Ep.VII. Then there is the director of X-Men: First Class, Matthew Vaughn, directing Ep.VII.
A bit of a surprise to the Star Wars World, Rick McCallum, (producer to the special editions, Prequel Triology, and pending producer for the Star Wars Live Action tv Series) has retired. I couldn’t be more excited for a live action tv series, something like that youtube video of The Old Republic a few Star Wars Fans in France made; incredible work, and if this were to be a full length series, it would gain mad reviews. (link to the video:

As far as the story line goes, many rumored that it would be based off of the Thrawn Series, though I have not read the books (I know Iknow hate me for it, I hate myself for it too but I promise I will get to it before 2015!) And rumors of Lucas having a separate storyline, AND now Disney confirming they will create a brand new story with Lucas’ advisement. But there are also rumors of Darth Vader being resurrected…not sure that will sit too well with the Star Wars community.

Outside of the films, there are more than 110 novels and 80 comics dedicated to the Star Wars longevity, just after Ep.VI. The Expanded Universe, or EU, has much to offer for Disney and Lucas for Ep. VII,VIII, IX. But with Disney creating a whole new story line, this leaves Star Wars fans wondering about the future of our beloved characters: What path will Luke take? Will Darth Sidious be resurrected as the novels say, or will Disney’s talk of Vader have some alternate impact? What will be of the Republic and Jedi Order? Will Leia train to be a Jedi? Will Luke and Leia have children? (and a few questions I ask) Will a new Jedi Order be established? What about those who lost their lives in Ep.III? Will Windu, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, or even Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Yoda make appearances as ones with the Force Spirits to train the new order? Too many questions, for too many different answers by Disney.
The main issues are this: Star Wars Fans have always wanted a new triology; Lucas was done with Star Wars films; Disney may ruin the story line, even with their success of Marvel’s The Avengers, there is no true fact of what will come of the new story, cast, or crew.

Guess time will tell until the next rumors and official statements!

Until then my fellow friends, May The Force Be With You; Always. 

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