Star Wars Celebration Tips-of-the-Day!

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1 – Plan plan plan! Be sure to look over the schedule of panels, signings, photo-ops, special events, off-site events, and anything else you may have! Also adjust for free time, relaxation, and most of all: SLEEP!

2 – Pack light but efficient!
-Poster tubes work wonders to hold posters of all sizes that can be rolled up and store safely, also the tubes can slide into a backpack!
-A backpack to be sure everything is stored safe, secure, and easy-to-access
-no need for big camera bags, get a strap to hold around your neck, a large memory card, and set! if bringing an action camera, I suggest a head/shoulder/body mount!

3 – Clothes: some say dress in layers, others say light others heavy…for me, I will be in cargo shorts or jeans, and a light shirt. Anaheim weather is beautiful and it will probably get more hot inside the convention center than out! put a light sweater in the backpack!

4 – getting photos, comics, prints, posters signed and afraid of it getting damaged? Look for booths selling clear-plastic cases! Items can be slid in through the top and closed at the bottom, and they will be perfect for the smaller items to slide in a backpack and stay free of bends tears or creases!

5 – Transportation! Southern California Traffic is…pretty bad! So be sure to check into local transportation such as buses and metro or the train if traveling afar; taxis, Uber or Lyft are also great alternatives, though fairs may be spiked for the event. Also consider walking; Disneyland is not TOO far but will get a good workout into you; there are shuttles that will take you from Disneyland/Downtown Disney to the convention center areas.

6 – Get Connected!! Be sure to join these Facebook groups for thousands others attending SWC!
The Force is Strong With This Group:<a></a&gt;
Star Wars Celebration Unlimited:
Star Wars Celebration Anaheim:
Star Wars Geeks Unite at Celebration <a></a&gt;

7 – Blue milk may be nice, but quality H2O is better! Buy a large water bottle, reusable bottle, anything to keep you hydrated, concentrated, and focused for the weekend!

8 – Shoes: your feet will either love you or hate you this weekend. I always bring walking/gym/running (whatever you call them!) shoes to any convention. They saved me for San Diego Comic Con and I am sure they will save you and I for SWC!

9 – Budget: sometimes you just don’t think about the money! Though SWC is like Christmas in April for Star Wars fans, you always need to know how much you have left to enjoy what you want! My tip: portion or set your money in different envelopes or with different clips for specific spending: food, autographs, collectibles, and extra to be on hand!

10 – Make friends! Whether traveling solo or in a squadron, it is always fun and great to reach out. Standing in line will get pretty boring and long, so be sure to start a conversation with fellow line-standers. Or if you see a shirt you like, mention it to the wearer! Find a friendly vendor? Get their business card for future expenditures! Heading to breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Ask around and see if anyone would like to join or is headed in that direction! Anaheim restaurants will be full of Star Wars fans!

11 – Business Cards! this one might be too late to obtain, but business cards are great for ease of communication and exchanging info! I use them not only for my page but also a quick hand off when making new friends!

12 – for the out of towers, #12 will be all for you!
-In N Out: the place you have to try to at least say you have been there! plus it is pretty damn tasty . . .
-get ready for not so great public transits and terrible traffic!
-Starbucks anyone? you won’t miss one. at all.
-make sure to get enough cash, and make contact with your banks to avoid any unwanted card-denails due to out of state charges.
-meals are usually . . . big! be sure to check if anything is big enough and can be split between families
-Americans really are friendly and helpful! We (or most) are always happy to lend a helping hand with directions, clarification, understanding, etc

13 – Snacks! (and meals on the go!) When packing snacks, here is what I usually bring:
-granola/protein bars
-mixed nuts, cashews, almonds, etc (or trail mixes)
-fruits; apples, bananas, oranges are best
-if I do not go to a coffee shop, then an iced-bottled coffee
-something light and easy like a donut, bagel, coffee-cake, etc for the morning
-also the best is peanut butter-jelly and/or nutella sandwiches in hawaiian bread! The bread is nice and thick, smear some spreads on their and you are good to go! For WonderCon I had one 4-roll sandwich in the morning (basically like two slices of bread) and it lasted me until 3pm!

14 – When camping out, or for general standing-in-lines, bring a small foldable chair. There are some pretty small, simple and light chairs that can be folded into the size of a folded tripod!

15 – Make a list! for packing, for food, budgeting, exclusives or wants, signings, schedules, and for each day. Making an old-school pen-and-paper list is a lot more fun and simpler than you think!

16 – Freshen up! take time to use the bathroom, return to your hotel, splash some water on your face, anything to keep you light, smiling, and fresh!

17 – Cash rules everything around Cons! Though many vendors do accept credit cards with the new square and smart-phone scanning devices, trust me . . . I have encountered and witnessed many who have issues with the internet and data connections, and many may charge fees for using cards! Though they say it can be saved for later, cash is always my friend and I save cards when purchasing from companies like Gentle Giant, Sideshow, etc

18 – Remember . . . Star Wars Celebration happens once but every so many years . . . splurge a little!

19 – Charging and batteries: bring extra batteries, packs, and think of purchasing external/portable chargers! I personally use a LEPOW and MyCharge and they work wonders! I will post links in the next day or so

20 – Cell Phones: make sure they have all the extras off like location services, wifi, blue tooth, brightness low, etc to save battery! and disabling or chaining from live and moving backgrounds will also save battery. Also turn on notifications from social media for those you want to stay up to the minute!

21 – Cameras! Bring anything and everything you like but careful for over packing! I bring my DSLR Canon, my iON Action Camera, and also my iPhone! You never know what you will want to catch!

22 – Tech Accessories: selfie sticks! camera bags! extended lenses! tripods!

23 – FREE STUFF! Be sure to look left right up down back forth in out of every aisle, table booth, exhibit everything! You never know what free swag you can snag!

24 – Bargaining: a lot of vendors tend to barter better on Sunday and also be sure to walk around to look at other vendors prices

25 – YELP!! Download Yelp, create an account, and it will be your best friend for restaurants

26 – Consent consent consent! Please by all the Force, be respectful, courteous, kind, and friendly with cosplayers, actors, actresses, and other fans!

26 – when taking pictures of and/or with cosplayers, be patient, be nice, and no harassment!

27 – Parking: hotel parking can get pretty expensive; convention center parking is just $15!

28 – Do your research! Whether on collecting, exclusives, guests, schedules, DO.YOUR.RESEARCH!

29 – use the map! The Celebration program guide has a map just for you to navigate the Kessel Run!

30 – Have Fun smile emoticon