Moving Rorschach Mask

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Return of the Jedi: Lost Laser Disc Clip

All Star Wars fans will love this; this is an old clip from a lost Laser Disc of an unused scene from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

It shows R2-D2 repairing Luke’s X-Wing on Dagobah; there is no audio, but still an awesome story and something for all fans of the Star Wars community to enjoy!

The Facebook page also has more clips of lost and unused footage!

Here are the links to the video and Facebook page:

Escape Plan – Film Review **Minor Spoilers**



They just do not stop! They’re on screen chemistry is superb; opposed to other film stars who are always wanted by fans to be on the same screen, but never show the same friendship as these two. Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are back at it again for Escape Plan in between their Expendables series. The creators and legends of kick-ass action bring you a film that makes you think and wonder what will actually happen next.

Ray Breslin (Stallone) is a criminal mastermind…sort of…he has created a ‘guide’ to the perfect prison system; and his job is to go into regular prisons around the world, learn their weaknesses, and simply break out of them. Him and his security firm in Los Angeles (cast of 50 Cent and Amy Ryan) are always in communication to coordinate an escape/ For years he succeeds until he is thrown into one of his own designed penitentiary and has to rethink his own plans.
His latest mission lands him captured by ex-military assholes who use this prison for profit; with no support from his friends back home, he must find trust within the system. This is when he meets Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) who thinks Breslin, (under the convict alias Portos) is up to something more. With some help from Rottmayer, a few enemies-turned-friends, and thinking back to his own prison designs, Breslin and Rottmayer push the prison to its limits.
Do they escape? Die? Stay locked away forever?
You will have to go watch the movie to find out!

I absolutely loved this film. It starts off with mild humor, a little of Sly’s personal touches, and a unique story design to make the audience think of how he did that, or where he came from, what happens next, but wait what just happened? To be clear, It is not a confusing film; Sly’s character always explains his routines, what he did and what he plans to do. A few things may change along the way, some detours or decoys even, but it still keeps you guessing.
And of course, no Sly and Arnie film is complete without some good ol’ 80’s action! An initial fight between Stallone and Schwarzenegger really gets you pumped if you are a fan of these two, and throughout the film the continuous fights and shootout keep you on your toes for excitement. Good choreography in the fighting styles, with good reactions; usually these films have cheesy action-reactions but Escape Plan does well.

The story is written well, but could have used some improvements. A few lines are misunderstood, some names and stories mentioned keep you wondering why they mention them (one name will be repeated continuously but they never explain why that person is of such interest). Along with that, a few other background stories could have helped, not just about certain people but also about the groups, motives, outcomes, etc. Other than these few minor circumstances, the film is overall well designed and processed, having the audience make connections later on.

I award this film an 8.5/10. Just barely under an A, but of course nothing less than a B (okay okay B+). The critics are not big fans, but I RARELY listen to critics; especially Rotten Tomatoes who have given terrible ratings for films I adore.

Hope you all enjoy!