Wreck It Ralph Film Review

Last night I finally had the chance to see Wreck It Ralph, a new movie from Disney. It was a huge success by having a $49 million domestic opening weekend. surprisingly, this film had a $165 million budget, pretty high for an animated movie, but once you see the flm, you will understand why it was so high.

Okay down to the review. Since this is my first film review I will tell you how they will be; first I will give details on when I saw it, box office, production company, notable members of the film etc; then go on into a background about the film and the plot, and finally my own thoughts and review.

The film starts out with a mini or short film prior to the actual screening; Paperman, follows a business man with a stack of paper work who encounters a beautiful lady at the train stop. After noticinge ach other and having the embarrassed smile looks, one of the man’s papers flies onto the woman’s face, and when he retrieves it, she notices the outline of her lips from her lipstick are printed onto his paper. A short laugh distracts the man as the woman boards a seperate train. At the man’s office, he sits and sorrows over missing the woman, and as his boss hands him another stack of paper work, he notices the woman in the building across the street. He tries to get her attention but it does not work, so one by one, the man folds the stack of papers into paper planes and tries to fly them into her window of the office. Paper plane after plan, none get her attention and she eventually leaves without realizing her “destined” man is across the street on the same floor. She leaves, and upon seeing the empty basket, the man’s boss drops off another stack, only to frustrate the man and have him run out after the woman. By the time he arrives down, she is gone, but with some Disney magic, the paper planes decide to carry him on a route back to the woman in the first spot, while the paper with the lipstick flies back to the woman and guides her to the man. After a short adventure back on their trains, the man and woman come out to see one another at the original train stop and finally have their moment together. After the film, pictures show them both on a date having a good time.

This was a fantastic short film by Disney, all in black and white, with so many emotions and fun tid bits. It is quite inspirational as well, for those guys out there who see a beautiful woman and get nervous trying to tlalk to them, but never stop looking for her. It was a great start and definitely different than Disney’s usual shorts.

Now for Wreck It Ralph. This film follows Ralph, a wrecker in the game Fix it Felix Jr. He is a bad guy who wishes and hopes to be a good guy, after 30 years of living alone in trash and the dump of his own wreckings. After a support group of bad guys, an scene of usual bad guy encounters at Game Central Station, and a heated argument back at Felix’s home for a 30th anniversary party which Ralph was uninvited to, Ralph heads out to Hero’s Duty, a shooter arcade game. His goal is to win a Gold Medal which only good guys win and make them more likeable. after a scuffle with aliens, he is thrown into Sugar Rush, a candy racing game. He has to fight but eventually work with a Glitch Racer to win back the medal, and a ruthless King call King Candy. After a deceiving tip by King Candy, Ralph wrecks Venelope’s (the glitch) race car, and upon returning to his own game, realizes all the other characters have left and Felix was captured by Candy (King Candy is revealed as Turbo, a race car driver who game jumped after becoming jealous of a new game). Ralph returns to save Venelope and Felix, along with the entire Sugar Rush game from the cybugs brought by Hero’s Duty, with the help from Calhoun, the leader of Hero’s Duty. Everyone’s game is saved and Ralph has a happy new life being a good-bad guy!

This movie has truly revolutionized the way animated movies are made, and sets a new level for Video Game movies. The animation was fantastic, with altering between separate arcade games and their respective styles. (such as 8-bit or pixels or high definition) The plot was great, dialogue and script well made, film was well produced, and characters had the perfect actors for their voices. I highly recommend it and it is great for ages 5-80! It is great for families and even with friends, a colorful Disney movie that brings everyone together.

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