New York Toy Fair 2015 Favorites

Well New York has once again hosted their annual Toy Fair for 2015.

There were plenty of surprises, plenty of updates or already known items, and quite a few more disappointments than I or anyone would have anticipated.

Before starting with my favorites, I will point out one of the major disappointments (especially for Star Wars collectors) with Hasbro’s announcements (or lack there-of) for The Black Series. Hasbro has been pretty shaky with their 6″ figures, sending out more repacks and delaying more figures than we anticipated. Some may point to the dock strikes at the port of Long Beach, but those have nothing to do with the “production” or “establishment” of these figures. Hasbro stated they have been thoroughly enjoying the Black Series line, and have plenty planned for the future. But collectors have been waiting for updated waves, and especially an update for C-3PO, facing the challenge of what paint or what materials to use for the figure. There were also no updated for the Luke and Wampa set, or any confirmation of further waves down the line.

Now, granted I was not capable (or quite frankly) not interested in looking into every single company and every single announcement in attendance, but now I will focus on my favorite moments and announcements from the show!

Unofrtunately due to lack of space which WordPress allows me to have, this will be the end of the post and below is a link of photos to my favorite announcements! Like my page and discuss the figures on Facebook!

All photos courtesy of
Thank You!

Visit their page
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