Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Film Review

Wel well, it has been quite some time since I have written any film reviews, and, honestly, I think the hiatus was quite well deserved, because the only film I have felt the need or drive to write a review for has just been seen: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Sure I have seen Thor: The Dark World, Man of Steel (which came a few months late for me), and a few others, with college, work, family, friends, it has been hard enough for me to even see as many films as I would like or am used to. ANYWAYS, on to The Winter Soldier! First off . . . 10/10 TEN OUT OF TEN Not just a “5 star film” a knockout, 10 out of 10 is my score for this film! A MUST see for any fan! Or even anyone who likes to go see a [kick-ass] [action-packed] [jaw-dropping] [heart-racing] [suspense-filled] [government-corruption-revelations] film! Now, just as i was sharing my comments on Facebook, someone shared with me their opinion that ‘It’s not as good as The Avengers‘; well, in my opinion to counter that, first, Avengers is in a whole different class of films; one that probably will not be touched until Age of Ultron; and second, for stand alone superhero/MARVEL flicks, I think this one tops the charts! Right there with Iron Man, and Dark Knight Rises (again, my opinion) with the level of ‘super-hero-aspect’ and emotional drive of the film . . .well more towards Iron Man 3 for the emotions but you get the idea. So, what makes The Winter Soldier such a beloved film? Well first, it’s Captain America and MARVEL . . . MARVEL has been continuously stepping up their game, film after film whether stand alone or team-films, each has it’s own story connecting to not just the previous in that line, but to each character and sub plot. But still, you might ask what is it about The Winter Soldier? It compels the audience to grip and contemplate the sequence, the moment, the action of the attack (or defense). It shows a greater ’emotional’ story than did Iron Man 3, as well as The Dark Knight Rises. Rogers, still adjusting to the affects of his new era, his new life, is stricken with the constant reminder of his old pal Bucky, his trust with S.H.I.E.L.D. and what he is doing as “Captain America”. This film is able to capture the true essence of not only a hero, but one who is a soldier, other soldiers in the line of duty (i.e. Falcon, Fury, Black Widow) and the villains who, well, I won’t spoil anything, so you will have to see for yourself! I will say that the villain, obviously The Winter Soldier, has a strong impact in the film’s emotional aspect as well. As for the action, fighting, kick-assery, it was quite pleasant to the Comic-Book fan! The movements and choreographs of each fight sequence were fast, sharp, edgy, martial-arts style, and just kicked-ass left and right! I was NOT able to capture any random bodies flying off screen from a ‘punch’ or any stray bullets apparently hitting anyone, so either they were very, very minimal and/or minute, or there were none at all! Great sign! Each character is given a unique fighting style, a unique set of attacks, and a portrayal of their weaknesses or points of lag, so to speak. The attacks and defenses by Cap and his shield were thrilling and Vibranium-hitting fun! Black Widow, as usual, has her smooth, crisp, and flexible attacks, pinpointing each hit and kick; Falcon enters the arena with some air-attacks and agile moves, and Fury is just Fury! The acting is flawless, usually these films will be dulled by one or two minor rolls, or even one big roll causing a halt in the drama and sequence, but The Winter Soldier had a well rounded, fundamental cast. With returning stars such as Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, and Samuel L Jackson, as well as some newbies like Anthony Mackle, Emily VanCamp, and Robert Redford, all bring an ensemble of every aspect of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its enemies. While some superhero films stray from comics or other story lines, The Winter Soldier stays true following the first film, The Avengers, onto Age of Ultron, as well as the regular comic-book line. Unfortunately, I have not read much of the MARVEL comics in line with the films, but a good friend of mine whom I saw the film with, updated me of each major plot-point and whether it aligned more or less with the comics; overall, the majority of the story was in line and comic-book fans should not have to worry! Just remember, IT IS A MOVIE! The studios always like to have their way with things so don’t go just to criticize what should and should not be in the film, go to enjoy the hero and the film and the comic frame! The story has points of suspense, whether it be death, destruction, plot-twists, or whatever else you can think of; it also has enough humor in it to get a chuckle and even a good laugh! (Unlike Iron Man 3 which tried way to hard to be more of a comedy) Quite honestly, the only thing I wish they would have included more of or emphasized more would be Cap’s sort of ‘love interest’ or relationships; Romanoff mentions how Cap should ask out this nurse or that girl in accounting, and as the film goes on you see a small scene of Cap making a subtle move on a neighbor who is a nurse; I won’t spoil anything as it turns out to play a big part, but just some more side interests or side roles would be nice! It would add more to the emotional drive or aspect as well, and show the differences in Steve Rogers’ attributes. But like I said, a minute plot point that would have been nice, but did not ruin the film because it was not included. that should just about do it for my review! Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the next stepping stone until Avengers: Age of Ultron, and they even let you know at the end of the film! Oh by the way, there are TWO scenes after the film, one before and one after the credits! Don;t even think about leaving until you see both! AND Stan Lee makes his usual cameo appearance, do not fear, no spoilers here of either the scenes or cameo! A 10/10, plain awesome, kick-ass film, loved every moment of it and Age of Ultron is SURE to please after this!   Enjoy!

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