Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2013 Wrap-Up!

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con is officially wrapped up!! The 5th anniversary of this uprising Con was a spectacular event! A great weekend in a great area for all to visit. This year was exceptionally great with so many artists and writers in store for the fans. All signing for free and loving the attention! Some even had sketches available, other works, and were creating custom sketches during the Con. I had the chance to get Harley Quinn #0 signed by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmioti, and Dan Panosian; Batman Beyond 1 & 2 signed by Ryan Benjamin; Thor 294 signed by co-creator Len Wein; Batman B&W and The Walking Dead #100 Variant signed by Marc Silvestri, and even more!! I also had a custom sketch by Peter V Nguyen on a Batman B&W blank variant; a simple and great design done so well by his artistic style!! I also met Leeanna Vamp, the ‘Ghoul of all our dreams’. She was super sweet, had different cosplays each day of the con, and of course, looked beautiful as always! Other cosplayers and groups were there as well, including Vampy Bit Me, Agents of C.O.S.P.L.A.Y., Trinity All Stars, 501st Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and The Bat. Many, many more arrived in cosplay, along with myself! I arrived as Rorschach for a little bit on Saturday! All my cosplay photos will be at the bottom of this post! LBCHC was fantastic for comic collectors as well; dozens and dozens of comic shops and vendors set up for hundreds of thousands of comics to choose from! I was able to snag Before Watchmen: Rorschach 1 & 2, a few Batman: Beyond issues, some Blank variants, and others. That is one of the best parts of LBCHC, the creators keep the small-con vibe with so many comic book vendors, giving the fans and attendees the chance to actually connect through comic books! Pop Culture and top media is minimal, and that myself, along with others, can widely enjoy; no need to worry about shoulder to shoulder crowds, smells you can’t imagine, and running for wristbands and exclusives. Great deals, great  finds, great people and great weekends. Unfortunately, I could not have time to attend any panels this year around, too busy finding artists/writers, friends, and some collection additions, but I am sure there were some notable ones (Young Justice, Dr. Who, Cosplaying How-Tos, etc) Hope you all had a


fantastic weekend, and if you could not attend, come back in May for the (now) 2 day expo, and back again in September for LBCHC 2014!!

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