Gentle Giant Avengers Iron Man Mini-Bust Review

The famed Genius, Playboy, Billionaire Philanthropist can now be displayed on your shelves in his billionaire superhero armor! Gentle Giant brings you the next stage in assembling your very own Avengers mini-bust team with Iron Man! The latest MARVEL character released by GG, it is yet another magnificent and beautiful piece of art! Highly detailed, intricate points of positioning, and best of all: light up arc reactor and palms! As stated by Gentle Giant, the master artisans take high-resolution digital sculpts of Iron Man from the film, to bring the fans the most screen accurate mini-bust! Standing 7.5″ tall, with a pose ready for his pulse-attack, this truly shows off the best of Iron Man ‘s upper body. A well sized mini-bust, it is fairly light weight (cast in high quality polystone), so don’t worry about having thin shelves, but do be careful when handling. The Crimson Red of Iron Man’s armor is bright and shining, a sure stand out piece in any collectors’ shelf. A beautiful coat, surely to brighten a  collection and not to be missed by the wandering eye! The matt gold face and details throughout the torso and arms also give for a subtle change in the eyes so you are not concentrated on a blur of crimson. The light up features have to make this one of my favorite pieces; though I wish the eye holes would light up, the specs that do are well designed. The chest piece turns to a bright white, while the palms light up an ocean blue; with a darker room it stands out the most, but even in a well lit room, the mini-bust stands out more when the lights are turned on. The new Avengers Edition Iron Man mini bust is an incredible addition to ANY comic lover, especially those who are fans of Iron Man and the MARVEl universe. Even if you did not enjoy the film, this piece is definitely worth a spot on your shelf! (I apologize in advance for the poor quality images; had to use my Iphone5 instead of DSLR)

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