NECA Pacific Rim Series 1 Figure Reviews

I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: NECA is one of my absolute favorite, most note-worthy and worth-while companies producing high quality action figures for us Geek collectors.

This time, NECA delivers figures from Guillermo Del Toro’s action packed film, Pacific Rim.
Series 1 consists of one Kaiju, Knifehead, and two Jaegers, Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon. 
All 7″ figures, carrying the utmost quality and design which NECA never ceases to provide their fans.

The blockbuster hit by Guillermo Del Toro brings us a new line of toys from NECA, each with unique colors, poses, articulation, and packaging which includes background images for each figure.

To start off, Gipsy Danger, the Jaeger which was revived after a dramatic fall, brought back to life with advanced power, weapons, and a new co-pilot. Standing roughly 7″ tall, this figure is highly detailed with attention to paint, decals, and added body components. The knees, ankles, feet, arms, head, hands and torso are all articulated, available to pose in multiple stances. The figure balances well, and is able to stand either upright or in a pose. Gipsy is given the original Navy blue paint, with a red nuclear core, yellow glass cock-pit, and red and white decals throughout. The figure is not painted dark either for full lighting effect and visible details.

Next up, is the second Jaeger of series 1, Crimson Typhoon. The famed 3-armed Jaeger with triplets as their pilots, who specialize in choreographed moves to defeat the Kaijus. Also at roughly 7″ tall, this Jaeger figure has one large arm on the left with a heavily armored shoulder, and two smaller arms on the right. The large arm has 180 degree rotation and the other two arms move until they hit each other.  The head is almost like a single eye tube, with full rotation around and up and down viewing. The knees are weaker than Gipys’s so poses are a bit more difficult to stand. Depending on the position of the arms, the knees might collapse and seem to crouch the figure. The arms, legs, torso do have full articulation as well though.

And finally for series 1, Knifehead, the kaiju with a giant knife on his head! This figure is not as well articulated as the Jaegers, as the tail seems to be the main support for the stances. The legs move around, the knees bend, but feet are stationary. The arms also move at the shoulders and elbows, but not at the wrists. The head is also not articulated. Besides the lack of articulation, the paint and detail is superb. NECA molded the head with the mouth open, teeth showing and tongue slimy and out. The grey stoned body color and yellow stripes make a perfect contrast to view angles and textures of the skin. The “knife-head” is actually quite sharp at the end, so be careful with that point!

All in all, I love the first series of Pacific Rim figures by NECA; all have high attention to detail, are more screen accurate than most other figures, and they just look so badass!

(I apologize in advanced for lack of lighting in some photos!)

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