SDCC Exclusive NECA Jason Voorhees NES Figure Review

As you all know, I recently had the amazing chance to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2013!
I won’t fill this up with SDCC coverage because, I already did that in previous posts . . . Instead, I will be giving  a review of an Exclusive from the show.

Brought to you by NECA, (National Entertainment Collectibles Association), the classic NES vide game is brought back to life in this fantastic SDCC 2013 Exclusive.
From the Friday the 13th 1989 8-bit arcade, NECA has given fans of Friday the 13th and Jason a new addition to their collections.

Featuring glow-in-the-dark limbs, mask, and weapons, standing 7” tall and given in the old arcade style packaging with the phrase “You and your friends are dead. Game Over”

A great figure, articulated very well in the limbs, hands, feet, and head, with a removable mask showing the monsters face, and two weapons – an axe and his famed machete.

This has to be one of my favorite additions to my collection. Not because it is expensive, rare, 12” tall, limited numbers, yada yada . . . but because it is such an iconic, notable adaptation for an action figure, provided by NECA with the utmost attention to detail, quality, and affirmation! Plus the nostalgia factor at Comic-Con doesn’t hurt.

Great material, high quality for a SDCC Exclusive at only $25! Can’t beat that! This is a great figure, great balance no need for a stand or support, and the box is made for easy removal/re-packaging without tearing or cutting the plastic or cardboard. And with a snapshot of the classic arcade game, this figure has it all!

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