SDCC 2013 Post-Coverage Day 3+4

Day 3

Day 3 was another exciting day at SDCC. First stop was the DC Entertainment booth to get a wristband for Jim Lee and Scott Snyder signing! Unfortunately, I did not get either, as I came into the exhibit hall too late . . . GOOD NEWS though, I got  a wristband for the 75th anniversary of Superman signing! Skeptical news. . . they did not say who would be there!!
So, our highest hopes were Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, and a surprise appearance by Henry Cavill (long shot but hey you never know) There were two signings for the day, but I got the second signing, 5:30 PM, as to have more time for other booth events.
After this, I ran over to Legendary booth for a pass to pickup a badge for the Godzilla Encounter offsite event! Something I have been wanting to experience and finally had my chance! That too had us return at a later time, 3:30 PM to pick up the actual badge.
Now that I had some time to kill, I wandered over to the Predator 3D exhibit, held by 20th Century Fox. This was a booth covered in leaves as a forest, and inside they were playing the original Predator film in 3D (for the re-release in December) a large amazing cosplay of an elder Predator, and were selling Predator set with the 3D Blu-Ray, a Predator bust limited to 500, and a custom Predator figure holding a spine with YOUR head at the top! An area was set up with about 10 cameras to take photos of your head at different angles, and after the photo, you choose your hair style and place the order! This gets delivered to your home after the convention and I am so excited to see it!! A fantastic offering by Fox and Predator 3D!


Still some time to kill, so I wandered through the smaller booths looking for The Winner Twins! Acclaimed authors of many books and comics, I have never read their stories so I purchased both their hit books and had a nice talk with them! they gave me insights as to what to do and where to start for creating my own graphic novel! Great gals, sweet, and quite talented as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and AOL have all featured stories of them!

By then, I went back to the Legendary booth to turn in my pass from earlier and pick up my badge for the Godzilla Encounter! (I will have photos at the end of the Day3 section as it was later in the night) A smooth, easy process that took only 10 minutes of line-waiting.
I also had time to stop by the Hobbit booth for an Evangeline Lilly signing! She was promoting her new children’s book and taking photos with the fans! She was such a sweet, friendly, outgoing person! She loved meeting all her fans and hearing our stories of watching her in LOST, and excited for her to be in the Hobbit sequel!
By now, it was just time to get in line for the Superman 75th Anniversary signing! I stopped by and asked again who would be there . . . but again, nobody would give an answer, whether they really knew or not.
So, hoping for the best, I ran over to one of the comic booths and asked what they recommended for my situation (I had purchased the DC exclusive Superman:Unchained comic the day before, but of course, forget that in my hotel room) So, they recommended a Superman comic which had been graded with a 9.8, drawn by Jim Lee, and I went ahead and purchased it! And just my luck, Jim Lee showed up!! Jim Lee and Tim Daly (Superman movie voice) were the only two signing, though there were three seats. What a tease! So, getting up to the front, the line staff was saying they were only signing the poster, though all the other signing they would sign up to 5 items!! WHAT!?!? I was a little bummed at that point, but, I still went ahead and asked Jim Lee to sign the comic I purchased and he did!!! I was so grateful for that and it meant so much! Jim Lee is the man!!

Another well spent day at San Diego Comic Con!
Now it was time to step outside and head through the Gaslamp quarter to the Godzilla Encounter! This was quite the epic experience! First we were taken into a room with a “tour guide” of the old props, sets, puppets, etc. of the old Godzilla films. They had a Godzilla Encounter app as well which would unlock certain material if you found all the clues, but our group did not have much time and were rushed into the next room. Alarms started blaring, sirens flashing, and we were escorted into an elevator to evade, GODZILLA!! The elevator was rumbling and shaking as Godzilla stomped closer, then the doors opened and more escorts in work and security clothes rushed us against the “window” which was a large television screen showing a window with blinds, raining outside and buildings across the way. Then, from the side we see something moving, in the darkness a large creature stomps across…all of a sudden, Godzilla’s eyes look into the window with lights flashing and with a roar he stomps away!! One of the best experiences I had during SDCC 2013 and it was well worth it! The badge was so authentic and cool, and the poster given after was beautiful!





Day 4
Day 4, Sunday, the LAST day of San Diego Comic-Con. This day was a fairly easy going day for me. First, I figured I try my luck at the Marvel booth for Thor: The Dark World signing. This went smoothly the first time as the line was short. I did not draw one of 25 winning tickets, but by the time I got back in line, it wrapped around the booth three times. When my spot returned to the front desk where the free posters were, all the people getting posters (at least 20-30) cut in front of us and were just being jerks (on light terms) They were the people you do not like at Comic-Con and of course, they cut us in line. We reported it to security but they did not know who to take out of line, so they apologized for the inconvenience and I told them thank you for doing their best, it was just the people I was more mad at. On a good note, they ran out of tickets before I or any of them could get a chance to draw. It was just madness at that short period of time.
So, now it was free time to get one last Exhibit Hall adventure. I notice the Spike TV booth had another free photo-opp, so hey why not!? It was a promotion for the series Chris Angel: Believe, and they would photoshop you to be levitating in a chosen background (New York, Stonehenge, Las Vegas) and it was just a quick, fun thing to do. Great that is was free!

Before leaving the convention for the day, I walked by the Gentle Giant booth to see Doug Jones, actor who plays Abe Sapien from Hellboy, Fawn and PaleFace from Pan’s Labyrinth, and the Silver Surfer in Fantastic 4! He was enjoying every moment of attention and made every fan feel as if you had known him for years! He was hugging us, chatting, signing free postcards (he was also selling 8×10 photos, signed) and taking photos with the fans. I asked him if what is going on with Hellboy 3, to which he replied how Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are very, very interested, but none of the studios will pick it up! We are both hoping enough fan movement motivated the studios to launch the next film!

Earlier before, I walked by the Mattel booth to see the Back to the Future Hoverboard replica! I had always been interested ever since it was introduced to and went over to buy it. this is a life-size, heavy-weaighted, sound-included board, just like that Marty McFly stole from the little girl in Back to the Future part II. 

So, that is a wrap folks with my 2013 San Diego Comic-Con adventure!! This and my last post each covered 2 days of my experiences, and I hope you enjoyed reading! I will have two more posts from SDCC, one with all the Cosplayers, and one will include just photos of exhibits, booths, Gaslamp, etc.
Check back in a few more days for my first video of SDCC and reviews of my purchases!

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