Pacific Rim – Film Review

What do you get when you combine Godzilla, Mechas, Guillermo Del Toro, and Hellboy? Well Pacific Rim, of course. A film which was underestimated for its greatness, unexpectedly grew in popularity among the geeks of the world. Bringing monster-mashing robot-fighting mind-melding science-fiction awesomeness, Pacific Rim gives us that and more. What brings out the kid in us? What keeps us sane? Gives us something to talk about, obsess over, and want to see over and over again? Everything in Pacific Rim gives us the opportunity to have that spirit again. Guillermo Del Toro uses the most advanced technology, the most widely built sets, the most dynamic and eye-opening scenes to capture us in. Whether I was 10 years old, or 40 years old, I would never get tired of this movie. A new obsession for myself, at only 19, having many more years of Pacific Rim to look forward to. Not only in film, but with toys, collectibles, video games, photos, everything will propel Pacific Rim to a beloved film franchise for years to come. It might take some time, as Hellboy did, but Hellboy has lasted and grown over the years to stardom and ever popular conversation starters for Del Toro fans.  So, Pacific Rim is a film revolving around an open portal in the Pacific Ocean, giving way for monsters to access Earth. Called Kaijus, (Japanese for “Strange Creatures”) these creatures weigh thousands of tons, stack hundreds of stories high, and increase in size as years go by (categorized by size categories 1,2,3 etc. and features such as Knifehead, Leatherback, etc) After years of attacks, the world forgave all debts, vengeances, and rivalries, to create Jaegers, (German for Hunter) giant mechas who sync minds with two pilots. One pilot proved too weak to control a Jaeger, so a two pilot system was developed. Created with a fantastic cast, who truly show their strengths and weaknesses in this film. Idris Elba does a great job being the stern, yet humble and caring general of the Jaeger program. Charlie Hunnam, not quite the “big-name” actor, steps up his acting role in Pacific Rim with a powerful story of losing a beloved sibling, then bouncing back to join the fight. And of course, Ron Perlman, Hellboy himself, just makes the crowd cheer when he steps into the screen. What’s not to love!? A strong story, which is not 100% perfect in script, but for any fan of sic-fi and monster flicks, it is quite the ride. Men die, Jaegers fall, Kaijus are killed, their bodies sold off in black markets, and unlikely outcomes lead to an unexpected end to this film. Pacific Rim has instantly become one of my favorite films of all time, a new classic, a new adventure. A new era of films for a person of any age. Bringing us the action, the anticipation, sadness and the will, the joy, doubt, and hope. Pacific Rim gets a 9/10 on my scale. (a few stills from the film)

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