Monsters University – Film Review

The anticipated prequel to Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. comes Monsters University, the time when Sully, Mike Wazowski and the rest of Monstroplois is in their college years! Many speculate the producers timed this so those who saw the first film at a certain age, would be just about in college for the prequel . . . whether these rumors are true or not, I will believe it as I was very excited to see this film during my college years. Monsters University shows the two (future) head scarers starting college, facing new challenges in school, and making unexpected, lifelong friends, (and enemies, i.e. Randall). Frats and Sororities, classes, dorm life, college is a big change for some of the monsters. All of them want to be great scarers like their idols, to be on trading cards for the next generation to admire, but not ALL of them are quite scary enough. Monsters University takes the classic spin off of one of my favorite childhood films, The Little Giants. A group of unwanted, unpopular, and not-quite-all stars of the Monster World, decide to come together to create a new Fraternity lead by Mike Wazowski. They team together to face all the odds in “friendly” competitions to be the top monsters at MU. Twists, turns, joys and tears bring Oozma Kappa, the un-cool monsters to a new level of scaring. Disney-Pixar studios did quite a great job with this sequel. The classic, laughable comedy that we all found in Monster’s, Inc. brought to life in their college years. With a favorite returning cast, the voices of Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Steve Buscemi are as good as their first time around. An enjoyable under-dog story for the Disney-Pixar animation fans (which, is not quite unique, but so what) and a great addition to the Monsters co. I give Monsters University an 8/10

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