All About: “The Canadian Nerd Show”

There are countless numbers of bloggers, podcasters, newsletters, and video-casters that cover everything in the Geek world.
Yes that includes me, but hopefully I am special enough for some of you to come back and follow my articles.

But today, I am fulfilling  a promise that I made a long time ago, one which simply kept getting pushed back due to school, family plans, or big nerdy events.

A good friend, well a good twitter-friend at least, The Canadian Nerd.
An awesome nerd from Canada, covering all the latest events, news, and geekery across the Motherland of Canada!

Now, although I am in Southern California, The Canadian Nerd Show is one of my favorite geek or nerd-related show to watch. Plus it gives me future plans for conventions, exclusives, and other news in Canada!

Best part is, something so simple brought us together: Twitter!
When first starting out, I was followed by none other than The Canadian Nerd.
I thought, hell why not! Us geeks must stick together no matter what walk of life or what part of this world we are living in, so I followed back, we chatted, I won an awesome contest (which I must thank again for) with the prize pack of a few New-52 comics, and there we have it!

The Canadian Nerd Show is a fun, intriguing, interesting, and all around nerd-tastic show to follow and keep track of on Twitter!

Here are the links to his profiles:

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