Fast and Furious 6 – Film Review *Spoilers*

The Fast and Furious series has taken us through the streets of Los Angeles, drifters of Tokyo, the Favelas of Brazil, and now through Europe; chasing a new criminal with a sense for racing and cars.
With the majority of the cast returning, Dom (Vin Diesel) is sought out by Hobbs (The Rock) to hunt down the new terror, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Hobbs gives them an opportunity to bring back Letty (Michelle rodriguez) “from the dead” as she was presumed all these years.
The team asks for pardons all around, and they go off on the hunt.
(Sorry for the lateness of this review, I have been very busy lately, so I will finish the plot with the most interesting/climatic points of the film)

Letty, actually does not remember who anyone is from her past, and Shaw recruited her as someone he could use for his tasks. She ultimately regains trust in Dom by losing to him in a race and having an intimate moment with him; and after she sees what Shaw is planning, Letty decides to return to the old family. Some car chases, builds and tunings, a tank rampaging the highway, lead up to the “final battle” on a tarmac which seems to be quite a bit longer than the normal Airport Tarmac. Gisele (Gal Gadot) dies saving Han (Sung Kang) by falling off the back of a car stuck atop another; she was reaching for Han’s arm when a thug came up behind him, and she jumped off to shoot the guy, losing Han’s reach and her life. Inside the plane, Dom, Hobbs, Letty, O’connor, Hicks and Shaw engage in fighting along with Shaw’s thugs, ending with the survival of Dom’s team, with Dom bursting through the nose of the plane in a car. Letty returns home with the crew, Han decides to live in Tokyo as he and Gisele had wished, and they all live happily ever after…until the post-credits!
Han is shown racing in Tokyo (Tokyo Drift takes place after Fast6, so Fast7 will be after Tokyo Drift…in other words, the order of the films goes Fast1, Fast2, Fast4, FastFive, Fast6, tokyo Drift, Fast7). A random car hits Han’s and a stranger walks out…this “stranger” is Jason Statham, playing Owen Shaw’s brother seeking revenge for his brother’s death. Han is killed when his car explodes, and Statham, speaking on the phone, says “Dominick Toretto, you don’t know me, but you’re about to”. Thus leading us to the plot of Fast 7 being Jason Statham seeking vengeance on Dominick Toretto’s crew.

Fast 6 almost lived up to the expectations as FastFive. I definitely enjoyed FastFive more than 6, but it was still a great film. Great cars, great team of actors sticking through the film series, and now we await for the seventh and rumored eighth films. FastFive gave us a long awaited fight scene between The Rock and Vin Diesel, so Fast 6 brought us a tag team of these two old nemesis fighting the new criminals and their thugs. Kick-ass action, with some shoot-em-up scenes, bringing in classic muscle and futuristic what-in-the-hell cars, and bringing back people from the dead, Fast 6 crushing the competition was no surprise. Overall, I give Fast 6 an 8/10.

Just a quick sum up and review of this film, stay tuned for my next posts!

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