2013 End-Of-The-Year Cons

At the beginning and end of November, 2013, two cons will be taking place in Southern California: Stan Lee’s Comikazee (SLC) and Long Beach Comic-Con (LBCC).

I have attended LBCC the last 2 years, but this will be my first SLC.
I know it is a bit early, (okay 5 months, but hey always great to start early) and since I was not able to obtain San Diego Comic-Con tickets this year, poo-doo!, I have other conventions to look forward to!
Here is my post from my second time at LBCC (I did not have this blog for the first) but let me just say, LBCC has been growing and getting better and better each year.


Long Beach Comic-Con definitely grew in attendance and popularity between the two years I have attended, and it looks like 2013 will be a big year for the fans and coordinators. LBCC is still small enough, though, to keep the “comic-book” lifestyle…the most media I saw last con was a booth for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 5 Hour Energy, and an “exhibit” for Toyota…I believe they were trying to get into Transformers with the long lasting Hybrids, but who knows.
LBCC really lets the new and upcoming comic creators to connect with fans, artists, writers, and possible stars and big names in the industry! I had the great chance to meet the creator of Human Comics who launched the first issue of his novel at LBCC 2012; a fantastic read and hope for future issues! But it is encounters like these which make me come back to Long Beach every November. This event does not overwhelm you, gives you the chance to walk through and see each booth, person, cosplayer, and plus the convention area itself is fantastic. Great location, amazing weather all year, comforting Marriott a block down the street, the beach the other way down, it is a comforting and calm convention!
Don’t get me wrong, conventions such as WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con are a Star Ship load of fun. . . but for those just getting into the nerdy-geek-convention scene, those just starting to cosplay, or those trying to get their comics or novels out, this is the way to go.

Now for Comikazee; I can not say much about this, but will go from what I have been recently reading about. Obviously this was started by Stan Lee… “Stan Lee’s” Comikazee.
This is the only major Comic convention held in the Los Angeles area, other than smaller toy or sic-fi shows, this is the big dog in “Comic-Cons”. Everything in comics, sic-fi, horror, gaming, anime, cosplaying, fantasy, and pop-culture is incorporated into SLC. Now, as large scale as this convention is, 2013 will only be the third year for Comikazee! 2012 saw 45,000 in attendance, similar to the WonderCon 2013 attendance number.
All these folks come to hunt down rare toys and comics, new and exclusive items, meet the stars, get their autographs and photo ops, and hang out with geeks and nerds from all over the world! With Stan Lee and Elvira, yes the big boobed vampirella, leading the way as the major hosts of the show, Comikazee is sure to please and I am ever so excited for November to come!

See you all there! ‘Til then, keep following my posts and twitter! 😀

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