WonderCon 2013 Wrap-Up!

WonderCon 2013 came to Anaheim for another year, was seen by tens of thousands of Geeks and Nerds, and conquered the city for people of all ages!

For the past 2 years out of the 26 that WonderCon has been held, Anaheim has hosted and granted Comic Con International with a fantastic venue, giving every attendee the best time they could have! After being held in the Bay Area for 24 years, CCI’s decision to move WonderCon to Anaheim was skeptical at first, but pleased the crowds and has grown into a crowd of 40-50 thousand fans.
From newborns dressed as Ewoks, to an Elderly man as an aged Superman walking around in boxers with a cane and flask, and everyone in between whether cosplaying or not, the weekend of March 29-31 2013 was probably the most exiting weekend of the Orange County area.

I attended WonderCon 2012 and what a difference from 2012 to 2013! Of course, a few notable vendors and guests were not around, but this year was definitely a hell of a lot more exhausting yet exciting and adventurous! This was also the year for firsts; first time volunteering for WonderCon, (or any Con for that matter) and the first time I cosplayed!
Volunteering is  a great opportunity for folks to not only get in free to the convention, but also to meet and work with all the staff of CCI and WonderCon to succeed throughout the weekend! Volunteering for a minimum of three consecutive hours any of the three days, any time of those days, grants you access to the rest of the day for free! Plus you get to be involved with thousands of attendees and have that sense of fulfillment to help them get through the weekend! 🙂

After Volunteering on Friday, I roamed the floor, took some shots of cosplayers, then headed out for lunch in front of the convention center where 5 food trucks were lined up. Big difference from 2012 also, with no food trucks at all, and this year there were 5! The same trucks were there all weekend, and let me tell you two things: 1) great choices for lunch! Better food and deals than inside the convention center! Worth the money outside than inside. and 2) this is a GOLDMINE for food trucks! upwards of 50,000 people over a three day period!? And you have to figure at least, AT LEAST, 1/5 will be eating at the food trucks! And you know more will because people were waiting about an hour at  a time for each truck! I helped myself to the Tasting Spoon one day, and the Burger Monster the next, with Chunk n Chip for dessert! My parents also ordered from the Tasting Spoon on the second day, check for those reviews later this week on iEatiSee.wordpress.com!
The front patio/entrance area of the Anaheim convention center was perfect too! Leading up the Convention Center was a wide pathway, where the food trucks were lined up on one side, a clear area for the rest (until the food truck lines filled up the path) and hotels on each side. Right before the entry doors to the convention center, a water display with fountains runs throughout the day, with steps on one side, (perfect for cosplay groups!) and then a clear pathway running along the frontside of the area.

After lunch, I decided to get in my cosplay gear! Appearing as Rorschach this year, my first time cosplaying at any convention I have attended yet.

(Here are photos I found on Instagram of fans photo ops with me!
My insta is @Jahilianaire)

Not to be conceited,  but I think I was quite the hit 😉 I was able to see quite a bit through my mask, and since my mouth and nose would change as I breathe, the reactions of attendees was priceless! They would look for a second, then see it change and be in disbelief or awh, or even freak out and not know what to do!
I loved the photo ops with fans too, it was great!For all interested, I take no credit in making this mask; feel free to visit http://www.rorschachmasks.com for different versions of the mask which are all hand made! Truly worth the low cost and watch out! They sell out very, very quick! Follow the maker on Facebook for updates on sale dates and availabilities!

At the end of the night, a relaxing stroll through Down Town Disney and dinner ended the night before retiring to our hotel room!

Great thing about WonderCon in Anaheim: Disneyland is right down the street! Whether it be dinner and stroll through Down Town Disney, or taking a day to hit Disneyland, Anaheim provides this great opportunity!

As for Saturday, I volunteered again in the morning, had lunch at the food trucks with parents, strolled the floor, then cosplayed again. After cosplaying I returned to change into regular clothes for one last time through the convention floor.

Saturday was great because Jordan Hembrough from Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter brought his vendor booth selling all the notable collectibles he has bought on the show! The booth was set up very much like what you see on the episodes when he is at a convention, and they were filming all day! I might get the chance to be on the episode too, as I was talking to one of his associates about some Star Wars figures, they were filming me with two cameras and made me sign a release! Hope I get my 15 of fame! Later on, Jordan returned and I was able to talk and get a photo with him! They also brought in The Muppets for a segment of his show! Fun watching it live!

I unfortunately did not get any chances to attend a Panel this time around..my wish was for the Pacific Rim Panel with Guillermo Del Toro him self…but by the time I got off volunteering and to the line, it was way too long and not worth the chance of losing time. But I am sure he will be back for a future convention where I will have a day dedicated to Panels!
I was also very minimal on purchases! Just the WonderCon 2013 t-shirt featuring Jim Lee’s Superman, and an exclusive by DC Aardman Comics Batman and Robin!
I am in love with these two pieces! These are unlike any other collectible I have seen or purchased, and love the humor and creativity!

WonderCon 2013 was another fantastic, exciting, adventurous, exhausting, and renewing Comic Book Convention brought to Southern California. Comic Con International always does a great job at pleasing the attendees and offering the best for the vendors, artists, writers, guests, and more!

I will finish this with the cosplayers I snapped along the con floor, and those I was able to get with my own cosplay!


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