Gentle Giant Republic Commando w/ Light-Up Visor Mini-Bust Review

Okay so this is my first official review of a piece in my collection, and the honor of that first review goes to the Republic Commando w/ Light-Up Visor Mini Bust by Gentle Giant. This is a 2012 Premiere Guild Membership (PGM) Piece, with an edition size of 950. This amazing mini-bust is hand hand painted and cast in high quality poly-stone, with a new added feature to the GG line, with a light-up visor! This mini-bust has amazing details down to the scale and arrangement of the backpack, commando armour, and battle marks around the body and gun; scuff marks, burns, or any other damage details gives great resemblance to the Republic Commando after a battle sequence. The simple white and black color scheme is given great definition from the bends and angles of the chest and arms. The light up visor is a bright blue and can really make a difference in appearance when it is on and off. The mini-bust comes with a set of batteries as well which goes under the bust, in the base/stand of it by opening a hatch. And yes, of course as always, there is a certificate of authenticity with it along with a description on the back of the box. This piece really feels like it came from the crafters of Kamino with orders from Master Syfo-Dyas and will be a great add to any Star Wars lover’s collection; The crafters at Gentle Giant, Ltd. though, continue to excel and create fantastic pieces with every turn of the day! Here is the background info of the Republic Commandos from the Gentle Giant website: Elite soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Clone Commandos were crafted by the Kaminoans for war. Based off of the genetic template of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett and indoctrinated into the Mandalorian culture, Republic Commandos worked in highly coordinated teams of four operatives, each with their own individual specialties, to complete missions with objectives too complex for the average Clone Trooper, or requiring more firepower than the average ARC Trooper can muster. When Order 66 was issued, the Republic Commandos’ objective turned from defending the Republic to hunting down and executing the Jedi, a task they completed with ruthless efficiency. Soon after the fall of the Republic, the surviving units from the Clone Wars were rechristened Imperial Commandos.   Hope you enjoy!

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