Crimson Society – Issue 1 Review

So, you like the classic Vampires and Werewolves battling it out until the bloody end, with myths and legends of family wolf packs, becoming  a vampire from a bite, and so on and so forth?

Well, I was recently introduced to a whole new level of the Vampire Vs. Werewolf idea.
And this idea comes into the comic called Crimson Society.

The usual stories go like this: one family of vampires fighting a family of werewolves, lone groups fighting one another, vampires being a threat to humans alone, or werewolves, and then the stories continue with one side winning the other or an expected outcome ends the story.

But here in the new Crimson Society series, the creator, Mike Hunau, takes on a story set in the year 2030, where all beings are of somewhat, ‘equals’: Zombies, Werwolves, Vampires, and Humans. The story surrounds Jack Crimson, a werewolf who is tired of being a werewolf. He is exhausted from the countless moon-lit nights of savageness among the people he loves and cares for.
He decides to make a change and find an underground doctor, (essentially a friend of a friend of a friend who knows a guy) to ‘cure’ Jack. But of course, things take a turn and this ‘doctor’ slips him a pill filled with the blood of over 30 vampires. The doc’s plan is to wipe out the vampires with this secret weapon of the pill, plus he will operate on Jack for unlimited power with new limbs.
Through the operation, some vampires find the doc and are planning on killing him, when Jack (in-between consciousness) witnesses a little bit, only to discover what as occurred when he finally awakes 24 hours after taking the pill. The vampires are all dead and the doctor is gone.
Jack has no idea what has happened and keeps hearing a voice in his head either saying ‘invalid’ ‘vitals online’ ‘radius check-clear’ and sorts.
Jack is losing his mind trying to figure out what has happened and sets out to search for the doctor and fix the newer problem on his life.

Crimson Society truly caught my eye because for one: I love vampires and werewolves, zombies, and so on (no, no, not the stupid Twilight crap with sparkling freaks and pretty faced wolves..I like the kick ass vicious blood sucking vamps and ravish, snarling and growling werewolves!)

Mike Hunau did a fantastic job creating this story, and I loved the first person point of view straight from Jack Crimson’s story. This story is not quite like any other I have read or seen…a society where these beings are accepted, yet with still “racism” towards one being to the next.
With the doctor reeling in a hopeful victim and turning him into a vampire killer, when the victim wanted to rid himself of all “problems” really sets a curiosity for what he will do.
Will Jack continue to find a cure, now cures for his issues? Will Jack live on and kill vampires as he has been changed to? Or even, will he side with the vampires to kill the doctor?

These questions and more I ask from this first issue along with: How did the different beings come accepted into the future world? Are there “gangs” of werewolves and what not?  IS OUR PRESIDENT A WEREWOLF,  VAMPIRE, OR ZOMBIE!?!? wait, our president is already a zombie so that is done… 🙂

I would like to also give my compliments to the artist, taking a Hellboy style comic with his own flare is great! Well, at least to me that is what the comic reminds me of. But again, all different and created with unique strokes and flicks of the wrist!

This is issue #1/4, and when I do a review about a comic and say I can’t wait for the next issue, I mean it! I don’t put it in just to say it, I really see the next issues building in intensity, curiosity, and adventure!

Good luck to Hunau and look forward to more reading!

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