Human Comics – Issue 1 Review

There is a fantastic and wonderful sight when visiting a Comic Book Convention, those like San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) or WonderCon, and that is seeing the new, upcoming, and hopeful artists and writers selling their comic and graphic novel startups.
Some more interesting than others, and some succeeding more than others. But with that, comes the opportunity to gain access as the first few geeks and nerds to obtain a copy of one of these hopefuls and start down a new and exciting path of whatever it is you like to read about.

On my first visit to Long Beach Comic Con in November 2012, I was introduced through a friend to the new and well established, Human Comics. 
Created and written by Gabe Smith, with the first issue drawn by Ryan Merrill, Human is a fantastic story surrounding bounty hunters, government agents, drugs, human transplants, bio-engineering, and shoot-em-up destruction scenes.

A “Cyber-Punk” saga set in Los Angeles in the year 2272, the ‘City of Angels’ isn’t filled with very many “angels” anymore; bio tech dealers, with the first episode revolving a notorious dealer named Drolo, with a bounty on his head being hunted by Cezra, another well known figure of the time, chasing Drolo down. The Department of Human Purity, or DHP, is also on Drolo’s tail, searching and coming between him and Cezra in their hunt to end bio-engineering among humans; though illegal, very common in the slums of this time.

This eventful and vivid story compels readers into a world many would think of could happen; and readers like my self, who always wondered how it would be to create a story of this kind.
And so, here it is, Human is here by Gabe Smith to complete the thoughts and wonders of how a future Los Angeles and future change of dealing would turn out.
Full of unique characters ranging from the simple minded doctors curing disease, to order following agents, lone-ranger bounty hunters, and of course, the cynical and powerful villain spreading the fire throughout the novel.

To me, this story is very eventful and eye catching, each turn of the page featuring something new with offerings of insights and perceiving the future with a mystery. It is perfect for anyone interested in sic-fi, action, adventure, bounty hunters, bio-engineering and bio-tech in human bodies, and more.

The first issue is free as a digital copy on the website, and a printed version is $15.
The second issue is currently under way and us current fans are anticipating something epic for the next issue and future of Human Comics. We truly see something big to come of Human and hope it has quite the impact for Comic Cons!

P.S. I personally hope for a film! But that is a story for another time! 🙂

check them out! >>>

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