Jack Reacher – Film Review

Tom Cruise takes this former kick-ass soldier turned mysterious bringer-of-justice story into a two hour film full of suspense, mystery, action, humor, and of course, Tom Cruise.

This film was not what I expected from the previews, but exceeded my expectations to enjoy it more and enjoy it at a different point of view. I had expected this film to be somewhat of a Mission Impossible, except with more action and less “story-line”.
The story is about Jack Reacher, a former soldier with over a dozen awards and medals for his work in the service, for his heroism. After a shooting in a public area with random victims, the suspect asks for Reacher to help his case. New mysteries arise, conspiracies are formed, theories tested, and killers come after Reacher until the end which will be waiting for you to see 🙂

Anyways, back to the review;
I am usually a hit or miss with Tom Cruise; not sure why, but some of his movies I just do not find intriguing or fun to watch, while others are seen every time they come on tv. But some of my favorite Cruise films are The War of the Worlds, The Last Samurai, and his soon to be released, Oblivion.
Cruise did a fantastic job with the personality of Reacher; a hard nosed, edged former soldier with fight for justice, no mercy and no laws, straight justice, and it is seen in his face throughout the film; no fear, all focus, thinking, and planning his next move. This film brings in a modern day vigilante with muscle cars instead of horses. All the other actors also did a great job throughout the film too, such as Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day) a lawyer fighting the suspect’s innocence, with a change from naive, straight-forward, daughter of the DA Lawyer, to siding with Reacher and unfolding the truth behind the entire case; Robert Duvall (you all know Duvall) the DA and father of Helen (Pike) who wants his daughter to change and accept the truth of the killer; David Oyelowo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) the climax-changer who some would but others would not expect to do what he did; and finally Alexia Fast, an up and coming, beautiful actress with hopes from me to becoming the next young starlet!
The fight and action scenes were a work of art; fighting styles in harmony and not like most movies where the “good guy” gets every punch, Reacher takes a beating too here and there. I also really enjoyed the chase scenes with the Chevrolet Nova, (Driven by Reacher) as it would actually lose control and drift, as the weak handling of those types of cars would have it. A lot of movies miss this feature and have 60’s and 70’s muscle cars making perfect turns with hardly a skid, but this film actually had Reacher catching up after spinning out from the chase.
The shoot-em-up scenes were also great, with the bad guys having above average accuracy unlike most bad guys who never get a target; and the good guys taking more misses than usual as well.

What I liked most about this film was the Bourne Series feeling; a new twist and evidence coming up every so often really had you thinking either into the future of the film, as to what would happen next or what could connect the other facts; and also had you thinking of what you missed or never even thought about. These are great films to watch, ( at least for me) because it not only has you thinking throughout this film, throughout other films, but also in life for circumstances that would involve Tom Cruise and conspiracies.

So, with that simple and sweet review, I give this a 9/10.

Hope you all enjoy and Sunday I will have more reviews up!

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