Star Wars Episode VII: A Disney Trilogy?

So, for my first official post, I will chat about the very recent news between Disney and Star Wars, which shocked millions of Star Wars fans across the galaxy.

For many of us, this was definitely an unexpected move by George Lucas, and kept under wraps very well. To me, it is actually quite surprising rumors of this deal were leaked or even “rumored” through the Star Wars community. The sudden change spread like a wild Bantha heard scurrying away from Tusken Raiders on the hunt.

Now, for details of the trade; LucasFilm was signed into Disney for approximately $4.1 billion; half in cash value, and 40 million in Disney shares. This coming a few years after Disney’s $3.96 billion pay out of Marvel, bringing in HUGE success for The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of the Marvel Universe to come. Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, stated they “plan to release a new Star Wars feature film every two to three years; and Disney wants to more aggressively expand the Star Wars Franchise.” Kathleen Kennedy, co-chairman of LucasFilm,now the studio’s new president,  will be reporting to Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn; Lucas is proud to have seen his success over the last 35 years, and wanted to see it passed on to the next generation of film makers while he is still around. Lucas is also happy to see Star Wars with a new home and to see it flourish for the coming generations.

LucasFilm will be lined up next to Pixar, Marvel, ESPN, ABC under Disney control; Disney will also have rights to Indiana Jones… -any one else see more Indies coming soon?-

As of now, Disney is planning on an Episode VII release for 2015; the same year The Avengers 2 and Justice League are set to be released… ****HINT HINT SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2014 WILL BE EPIC****

Other than the next trilogy, Disney also plans to expand Star Wars onto more t.v. shows, possibly on ABC, and expand the toy collections. But what will become of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? I know many fans will not want this to be swept away in the transaction, and hope Disney can maintain a contract with Cartoon Network. On a side note, many are speculating this to be a great deal for the “family” side of both Disney and Star Wars.if any of you are aware, Lucas actually changed Episode VI from Wookies to Ewoks to make it more “family friendly” and not as gruesome if Wookies were ripping out StormTrooper arms…but will Disney make the next series too family and kid friendly?

Kathleen Kennedy will now possess all of Lucas’ Star Wars information through books, comics, writings, and more for future film productions along with Disney execs, and a few reports have indicated, to my understanding, that Lucas will be some what of an “advisor” to future films and projects. With this being said, it should have more comfort on the Star Wars community knowing that The Creator will still be a “Guardian Angel” over the Star Wars future.

So, the day has come . . . a somewhat unexpected day full of joy, fear, hope, anxiety, and a Disturbance in the Force. What will truly become of the next Star Wars generation in the hands of Disney? Some look to the best, others looks for tragedy, and those like myself, will just wait and see, looking to revamp the franchise with a bit of nervousness as to what will come. New shows, new collections, and finally, new movies!

if anyone would like to see the mini conference with Lucas, here is the link to youtube…

with that,

May the Force be with you, always.ImageImage

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