November Movies I Plan To See . . .

The Man With The Iron Fists__[R]____Friday, November 2

Starring Russell Crowe, Lucy Lui, and RZA. In 19th century China, villages and tribes fight one another for power through sex and violence with special forces with different outcomes. Based solely from the trailers, Russell Crowe is a cowboy type character fighting alongside one of the tribes with forces of lust by the women, and a character whose skin turns into gold or metal plates gaining strength.

Wreck It Ralph__[PG]__Friday, November 2

Starring the voices of John C Reilly, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch, this animated movie follows a game character, Ralph (voiced by John C Reilly) of the arcade game “Wreck It Ralph”, looking to change his game persona. He is classified as a “bad guy” in the gaming world, but Ralph wants to be a good guy and decides to change that. Ralph goes on an adventure through other arcade games meeting new friends along the way to become a good guy!

Life of Pi__[PG]__Wednesday, November 21

Starring Suraj Sharma, a young man finds himself adrift on a life boat after his ship has sunk. On the ship he gets paired with a Bengal Tiger, who, after settling their differences, become “partners” in fighting the coming sea and all its endeavors. This seems like a fantastic movie, almost like The Adventures of Tin Tin and Cast Away twisted into a fantasy adventure.

Red Dawn__[PG-13]__ Wednesday, November 21

Starring Chris Hemsworth (Brother of Liam Hemsworth), a small militia forms to fight when paratroopers raid modern day Washington, D.C. and take the city hostage after a city wide blackout. They train and assemble in the woods to hide, and plan to fight back and take back their home. A good action-shooter movie with what seems to be a story similar to G.I. Joe or The Expendables without the kick ass old guys with references to their past movies.


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