My first post on my first blog!

Hello everyone, 

My name is Alex and I am currently a college student attending California State University, Northridge, or CSUN.

I have been a geek for a number of years now, at least since I was 12, and have slowly but surely been growing my geek-ness over the years! I have finally managed time to start this blog, which will cover all things geek from my perspective..what will make my blog different and unique from others is that I am a young, newer generation geek involved in events, Cons, collectibles, movies, comics, and more! I follow news through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Empire Magazine, Yoda’s News, Crazy4ComicCon, SDCC, and other site to optimize all the coming information! Now, some of you might be thinking this will just be another site relaying information or copying the news from those sites…for some part, yes I will be relaying information to spread the news of the universe, but I will also have my own input of that news, (which is what a blog is about) and share thoughts and opinions with all my followers! I will also be putting up photos from all the events I attend, as well as my collection pieces, and other fun stuff. (Another hobby is photography so my amateur photography will boom too, hopefully 🙂 

So come one, come all to a new blog by an ambitious college kid with a lot on his mind, and a lot to say! 

Here are my links too to follow me on other social media platforms!

and please, feel free to email me at any time about any thing Geek! I will respond as soon as possible!



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